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  • rest
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection invites us to embrace rest.
  • open fall
    Autumn inspires this week's Naked Soul Reflection, inviting us to be rooted and open even as layers fall.
  • am I doing it right
    In this week's Naked Soul Reflection episode, the question "Am I doing it right?" arises. And...then I invite us to let that question go.
  • the bigger picture
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection invites us to expand our attention beyond what we perceive to be our faults.
  • consume beauty
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection invites us to mindfully consume beauty.
  • grounding breath
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection invites us to (re)discover grounding and stability in our breath.
  • harvest colors of change
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection invites us to welcome change.
  • uneven healing
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection invites us to honor the stages of healing.
  • naked ears
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection episode invites us to simply listen to others.
  • storms of love
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection invites us to approach major changes in life with love. 
  • embodied collectives
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection invites us to observe collectives embodied within us.
  • natural rhythms
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection podcast episode invites us to reconnect with natural rhythms in our lives.
  • speak you
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection podcast episode invites us to speak.
  • open the window
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection invites us to open again.
  • gardening takes time, keep watering
    Gardening inspires this week's Naked Soul Reflection by reminding us that things take time and dedicated practice.
  • yielding to wind
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection invites us to yield to the winds in our lives while maintaining a strong foundation within.
  • receive something good
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection invites you to receive something good.
  • try something new
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection invites us to try something new, even if we feel anxious.
  • take time
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection episode invites us to take opportunities to connect with the earth. We don't always have to wait for a long vacation. Sometimes, just stealing a few moments in everyday life can feed our souls.
  • say it, let it rain
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection encourages us to express our positivity freely.Book referenced: "The Art of Communicating" by Thich Nhat HanhSong Inspiration: "Say" by John Mayer
  • touch what's real
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection podcast episode invites us to touch what is real. Sometimes we think we already know someone or something based on what we see or past experience. But, slowing down to truly observe and connect helps us experience what is real.
  • let the flowers fall
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection podcast episode invites us to let the flowers fall. Are there ideas/parts of yourself you hold onto that no longer serve? Join me this week in letting go.
  • plans and spontaneity
    This Naked Soul Reflection podcast episode invites us to let go of our best laid plans. Sometimes, it's a healthy practice for us to to surrender to spontaneity.Book referenced in the podcast episode: The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga: The Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark
  • blossom on your time
    The week's Naked Soul Reflection podcast episode invites us to honor our unique pathways of becoming.
  • let go of control
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection episode invites us to let go of control. (Eep!!!)
  • make space for spring
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection invites us to let go of what no longer serves. This, in turn, creates space for Spring in our lives.
  • core convictions
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection podcast episode invites us to return to our vision and core convictions.
  • skinny dip outta overthinking
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection podcast episode invites us to skinny dip out of overthinking. Have a listen!
  • cultivate your joy
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection podcast episode invites us to cultivate our joy. That is, the joy of being our authentic self.
  • fear of failure
    This week's episode of Naked Soul Reflections looks at fear of failure and draws inspiration from nature.
  • appreciate your budding stages
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection invites us to honor and appreciate our budding stages of development.
  • make use of the situation
    This week's episode of Naked Soul Reflection invites us to make use of a situation. My inspiration comes fresh from a mess in my clothes free kitchen last night!
  • look again
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection invites us to look again at the resources in our life. How often do we pass right by things in the grocery store, for instance? Taking time to pause and observe reminds us of all the resources and blessings available to us.
  • practice celebration
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection invites us to celebrate our tiny victories. Why is this important? Well, for one, it tells us the truth about how we are being. I don't know about you, but I can give myself a hard time. I look in the mirror and think, "My body looks the same. I'm not making any strides." But, is that the truth? Or am I using a single instrument to measure all expressions of progress and change? Secondly, celebrating our own tiny victories helps us celebrate others in organic, authentic ways. Have a listen!
  • standing for what's important to you
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection prompts us to stand for what's important to us. Clothes free living inspired me to stand for my health and wellness. Clothes free camping, that constant exposure to fresh air and nature, reminded me that such a practice is healthy. It is necessary to regularly get fresh air and sunlight. So, that is something for which I stand now. Even when things get crazy at work, I still commit to taking a break to be a healthy human. For what will you stand this week?
  • embracing the daily grind
    This week's episode of Naked Soul Reflection invites us to embrace the value of regular practices. How often do we think single actions should fix us forever? One diet, one self-help seminar, one mediation practice? Much of society focuses on quick fixes and anything new and shiny. But true living requires maintaining regular daily practices throughout our lives.
  • accepting today
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection invites to accept today as it is. Clothes free living can presence us to what is happening here and now. We can use that practice of presence to let go of regrets about the past as well as anxiety regarding the future. Today is. Here, we are.
  • keep listening to the naked truth
    This week's Naked Soul Reflection invites us to keep listening to the naked truth as we move into the year.The beginning of the year is often a time where folks set many goals. Of course it is healthy to envision, set milestones and make plans. At the same time, the thing that sounded good in our head might not work in practice. Naturism, nudism and clothes free living remind us to shed the layers of expectations and surface identification. So, we can harness that practice by shedding our layers of ideals to tap into how we are really feeling along the journey.Keep goals, but also keep listening to the naked truth of the moment.
  • uncovering something new about ourselves
    In this week's Naked Soul Reflection we look at uncovering something new about ourselves. How often do we think we know everything there is to know about ourselves? "This is who I am, and that's that." But what if you could discover something new about yourself? And what if that new discovery could serve not only you but also others?
  • naked soul reflections: seeing our commonalities
    This week's episode of Naked Soul Reflections invites us to observe the things we have in common with others. We begin by engaging a naked honest view of ourselves. Then, we look to see what attributes we share with others. This applies to our connection with those who do not engage in clothes free living. Rather than insisting on others' nakedness as a prerequisite for acknowledging what we have in common, we use our inner nakedness to show us how similar we are to others.
  • naked soul reflection - naked to the moment as teacher
    In this week's Naked Soul Reflection, we welcome opportunities to practice being naked to the moment as teacher. This episode includes excerpts read from Pema Chödrön's When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times.
  • naked soul reflection - sitting in the naked moment
    In this episode, we look at getting present in naked moments of non-doing. Although many people enjoy naturism, nudism and clothes free living, we still have filters and impressions from our life that affect how we see, judge and interact with the world. Everything from how we were raised, cultured, socialized as well as particular experiences affect how we interpret the world around us. In this episode we take a look at getting present to our patterns of thoughts and assumptions that arise in response to situations, and sitting in naked moments of non-doing / non-reaction. Simply observing our thoughts. Then, after practicing refraining, we can choose how to later step in and respond from a deeper intention to what is happening in our lives.
  • naked soul reflection - letting go of what isn't you
    In this week's episode of Naked Soul Reflection, we look at letting go of what is not you.As many folks who enjoy clothes free living have remarked, one of the benefits of taking off your clothes is the feeling of removing layers to be your true self. This can also help us practice taking off and letting go of unnecessary stresses.I observed many times in my life where I choose to take on additional stresses unnecessarily. I might see a space I think I have to clean, or a problem at work I think I have to address. I'll take on so many things that, by the end of the day, I'm completely depleted from all the stresses I've chosen to wear.This week, I invite you to see where in your life you choose to wear too many stresses. Think of some ways to take them off and put them down in order to find peace and balance.
  • naked soul reflection - receive the gift
    This week I had an opportunity to receive an amazing gift, but I found myself doubting the blessing. I kept thinking, "Surely, the sky is about to fall. I've been working so hard to figure all of this out. What do you mean there is finally a resolution? Surely something horrible is about to happen." But...sometimes a gift is just a gift, and no goblins are going to come out and bite. (Do goblins bite? I don't know.)This week, observe when gifts come your way. Whether it's that the weather was supposed to be freezing cold but turned out to just be cool (maybe mild enough for a clothes free moment!), or that someone in traffic allows you to cut in front of them... observe your life this week and see if you can receive a blessing without suspicion. (I know, I know, I think everything is suspicious! Even this post is suspicious!)
  • naked soul reflection - in awe of our shapes and stories
    This week I took a lot of long walks in nature and observed the beautiful shapes of trees. With leaves falling to the ground I can more clearly see the true form of the trunks, and I noticed that some trees grow out at the wildest angles. Their branches also take interesting shapes in many different directions. No matter what they look like, though, all of these trees have survived the highest winds and scariest storms this area has received to date. I invite you to do a 2-part exercise this week:Take a walk in nature and observe the wildest shapes. Be in awe of how beautiful and strong all plants are, no matter what they look like. 2. Take time to observe your shapes, outside and inside. Be in awe of how much you've survived, all the ways in which you have thrived, no matter what scars you carry on your skin and soul. You rise, you live.
  • naked soul reflection - our paradoxes, our nature
    In this week's episode of Naked Soul Reflections, we observe our paradoxes in nature and as a part of our humanity. Paradoxes are huge part of life: what falls must also rise, as trees grow higher they grow deeper, we can prefer clothes free living and still enjoy fashion, we might be affectionate and still want space on certain days. All of these are expressions of nature and our humanity. They illustrate our complexity, innumerable dimensions, facets, personalities and changing needs - all without being mutually exclusive. Indeed, if they were mutually exclusive, how would we ever have trees?What paradoxes do you observe in yourself this week? What paradoxes do you see in nature?
  • naked soul reflection - write your naked thoughts
    In this week's episode of Naked Soul Reflections, we write. For me, writing is like removing clothing one piece at a time. What comes out onto the paper isn't necessarily something to act upon. It's a process of confession, expression, observation and honoring the process of getting naked with myself until I arrive at the heart of my being. This week, I invite you to get naked with yourself by writing.
  • naked soul reflection - do it
    This week we look at stepping into action even if it means making a mistake or getting it wrong.This past week I spent time reflecting on some actions I had taken at work. My intention was to help people, but the results were far from desirable. For a while I was beating myself up about getting it wrong. This weekend, however, I realized that the beauty of it, is that I actually stepped into action rather than doing nothing and remaining silent.In the same way that we often respond to people who ask, "How do I get clothes free?" by saying, "Just take your clothes off and read!" we can apply that whole "just do it" idea to other areas in our lives. We might not know the outcome, we might make mistakes, but there is beauty and power in stepping into action.Where in your life have you been avoiding action out of fear of getting it wrong? Can you take even a small, simple action this week?
  • naked soul reflection - you are limitless
    In this week's episode, we look at peeling off the layers of who we are and seeing ourselves as limitless. Many in the clothes free community describe the joy of peeling off the layers of clothing in order to feel free, and, most of all, to feel their true self. Similarly, I invite you to peel off the layers of all you think / assume you know yourself to be, and to see yourself as limitless. Is there something you thought you couldn’t do?Maybe this week you invite yourself to be open to opportunities that come your way, even if you never thought it would be something you’d do, or maybe you thought you couldn’t do it. Invite yourself to be open. Peel off the layers of your assumptions about your self and embrace the idea that your natural self is organically limitless.
  • naked soul reflection- reconnecting with a passion
    In this episode of Naked Soul Reflection, we look at reconnecting with a passion.This past weekend, I reconnected with my passion for dancing. When I was a kid, I used to do "praise dancing" in church as a way of channeling my devotion. A few years ago when I started my clothes free life, I would do what I called "naked soul dancing" just turning on music and expressing whatever was on my heart through dance clothes free at home.But, as it sometimes happens in life, I stopped dancing for a while. But this weekend, I reconnected with that passion for dance and have been doing my naked soul dancing again. It's amazing, because that dancing not only helps me express things that are on my heart, it helps me connect with broader issues in the world. This week, I invite you to think on these questions:-What is something you used to love to do?-When did you stop doing it?-In what ways could you pick up that passion again this week?-In what ways is that passion a service to both you and the world?
  • naked soul reflection - surrender to the divine in everything
    In this week's episode, we practice acknowledging the divine in everything, even the things we don't like, that make us feel uncomfortable, or even cause pain or anger. In this episode, I reference how clothes free camping helped me to really connect with the divine in myself and in everything around me. Even bugs, which normally would have me running out the door screaming, seemed divine while I was naked in nature and fully connected with them. That gave me a frame of reference for practicing seeing and surrendering to the divine in other areas of life, be it on yoga mat, at work, dealing with people, a variety of circumstances, or just being alone. I share three poems by Hafiz, all drawn from "The Gift: Poems by Hafiz the Great Sufi Master" translations by Daniel Ladinsky
  • naked soul reflection - seeing the other door
    I found myself standing approaching the front entrance to my building, which has a set of double doors. A long stream of people was coming out of the left door. However, the person in front of me, instead of opening the door on the right to enter, stood waiting for the stream on the left to end. How often do we, in our lives, stand waiting for the drama/busyness on the left to end before taking action, when there might have been a door on the right that we could have opened all along?In this episode I touch on how clothes free life and clothes free camping have helped me see alternate doors in other areas of my life.
  • naked soul reflection - textures of truth
    In this episode of Naked Soul Reflection, I share some reflections that arose for me as I walked about barefoot on Sunday. Walking around barefoot reminded me of just how textured the world is. Usually, when I walk around in my shoes with a separation between me and the world, all I ever feel are is the texture of the shoe. I forget that ground, earth, floors change in character, temperature, texture, etc. Taking off my shoes reconnected me to a more honest reality. The real world is diverse in character.This also tied into a change in attitude I experienced about my body and my health. I thought my body was just this blob that, well, "This is just the way it is. Nothing I do is making a difference." I thought it unresponsive, until I realized that I needed to change my perspective and approach. Once I did, my body began to shift and respond positively to the different foods I gave it, the increase in sleep, and the other adjustments I made depending on any given day. This week, I invite you to look at something or someone in your life where you usually think, "Well, this is just the way it is. It's always like this." It might be a pet, a person, your car, your body, your boss, the weather, a plant, anything. Choose one thing that sticks out to you where you've basically had the same attitude, expectations or opinion of it, and see if there is a way for you to "take your shoes off" with regard to it and experience a wider variety of textures with regard to the situation. Does that invite any shifts for you? What do you learn?
  • shifting habits that no longer serve you
    In this episode of Naked Soul Reflection we look at the process of shifting habits that no longer serve us. During a time when I was utterly frustrated with myself regarding my eating habits and body issues, one of my teachers responded to my tears and anger of "Why am I not changing, why am I not doing something different?" with this:You do something until you don't. This statement conveys the perfect mix of both personal responsibility to continue with effort as well as with the unknown about when change will finally land and what exactly that shift will look like.
  • naked soul reflection - trusting now
    In this episode of Naked Soul Reflections we practice trusting the now. As I've been reading the book by Eckhart Tolle, "The Power of Now," I realized that I invest a lot of time obsessing over shame and guilt from my past as well as fight/flight about things that I think I will happen in the future. Rarely am I ever just here, present, mostly because I do not trust the present. In this episode, I recommend clothes free meditation as a way to practice letting go of all of that and just being with the present, being with the now.This week, think on whether you, like me, spend time obsessing over shame/guilt from things past or fight/flight regarding things you think will happen in the future. Then, give yourself an opportunity to simply be, to trust the present enough to let go of obsessive thoughts over the past and the future.
  • naked soul reflection - what can you put down?
    In this week's Naked Soul Reflection we consider what things in our lives we can put down in order to create more ease along our journey. I recently realized that I do not have to carry around a 40-50lb backpack full of items throughout the day. Instead, I can use a hand cart that I have, and I can also leave things behind that no longer serve me. Although this suggestion is something several family members offered to me ages ago, only now does it sink. Perhaps I was trying to prove something to myself by insisting on carrying around that heavy backpack. But this weekend, I chose to take that weight off my back and use the cart. I found ease. Questions for consideration: - What is one thing in your life that you have insisted on carrying, despite it causing you discomfort, pain, or other negativity?- Can you put that thing down?- How do you feel whenever you do manager to surrender to ease?In this episode, I quote two poems written by Hafiz. The book referenced is "The Gift: Poems by Hafiz the Great Sufi Master" translated by Daniel Ladinsky
  • naked soul reflection - letting go of comparison and coming back home to you
    In this week's episode of Naked Soul Reflection, we look at the importance of leaving behind comparison and "coming home" to our own bodies and journeys. I have spent much of my life obsessively comparing myself to other people. What I realized is that by allowing my thoughts to go those places, I was, in effect, walking out on myself, abandoning myself. And fear of abandonment is one of my greatest fears. Yet, there I was, abandoning my body to the point that I completely lost sensation with it (forgot I had one!), in order to go obsess over what other people were doing. Now I am practicing "coming home" to my body, my breath, my journey. Whenever I realize that my thoughts have gone elsewhere, I return and even see my body and say, "Hey, I'm here. I'm home." Not only has that grounded me in my journey again, but it has also moved me to do passions that have been on my heart in service of others. So, I offer these thoughts and questions to you in this episode:- Where in your life are you obsessively comparing yourself to someone else?- Where have you given up in life, because you think the world does not need you? That you have nothing to offer to another person or to an endeavor?- Can you observe that tendency without judgment? (Try!)- What is the impact of you spending time comparing yourself to other people?- How can you, now, come back home to your authentic journey?- What is the impact, both on yourself and your environment / community, of you choosing to return home to your authentic journey?
  • naked soul reflection - pausing
    This past week, I found myself having to pause in my life. I took a few days off from work and spent time doing nothing so that I could heal mentally and emotionally. There were many events over the past 8 years that I hadn't allowed myself to acknowledge or fully process. That all came to a head this week, and the stress forced me to take time being still. Although I'm still practicing pause and non-doing, one thing I can say is that pause is helping me release some emotions I didn't even know where there deep down.Some questions as you practice pause this week:- Where in your life could pause serve you?- Are you trying to fill the space with something?- In what ways can you take time to be still this week?- What happens when you take time to pause? What do you notice?
  • naked soul reflection - honoring flow in life
    Flow shows up in all areas of life. Whether it's moving intentional in a pose - mindfully setting it up, abiding in it responsibly, and exiting it with grace - or engaging a conversation with someone mindfully - connecting with the person, navigating the conversation moment to moment, and leave the conversation gracefully - flow is everywhere in our lives.This week, what aspects of your life can you look at and approach with the concept of flow:- How you cook a meal- How you converse with folks- How you engage a business deal- How you create a work of artHow can you breathe through an activity or an issue this week? How can you apply the idea of flow, the idea of moving through it mindfully from start to finish?
  • naked soul reflection: doing / non-doing
    In this week's Naked Soul Reflection, we look at the balance of doing and non-doing. This past week brought the question of balancing doing and non-doing to the forefront for me. It was a question with which I had been wrestling for quite some time, actually. Years. But, in the past week, it surface quite strongly not only as I reviewed the news, but also as I considered my family members and dealt with friends and colleagues at the office. I even engaged the question around eating. When should I be in action and when should I be still? Some questions to consider for the week:- What issues in your life bring up the question of whether or not to act?- Can you take a step back for a few moments and be still to observe your thoughts?- Are you wondering if you should act, because you feel like you "should" say or do something, or do you have a clear call in your heart to say/do something specific?These questions could apply to anything, even something simple. The point is to observe your thoughts and impulses, and navigate non-doing / doing from an intentional place; being still until you're clear, intuitively, on what to say/do.
  • naked soul reflection - cultivating self governance
    In this episode we look at developing self-governance in various aspects of our lives. Are there places in your life where you are waiting for someone to tell you what to do? Have you always been doing the same thing out of habit or convention without considering whether it is actually healthy for you?Can you pick one area in your life where you feel imbalance for you to bring into your laboratory to begin experimenting with new things?Examples:- Have you been eating or drinking something that gives you heartburn all of the time, doing it "just because?" Could you make a change to something else that feels good to you?- Is there a particular project or job that is causing you stress? Can you look at that work and figure out an approach that is more balanced for you, and can you take action rather than waiting for someone to give you permission, to tell you what to do, or for your body to deteriorate in response to it?"Intuition comes from a steady place within, beyond thought and beyond emotion." - Meditation Oasis podcast episode Accessing Intuition Guided Meditation
  • naked soul reflection: discovering truth
    In this week's Naked Soul Reflection, we ask, "What is true?"Some questions that have come up in my life practice / self-inquiry of late:- Are you waiting for someone to tell you what to do / give their approval?- Are you using yoga for the sake of telling you how to live your life?- Are the things that used to be true for you (e.g. job, yoga style, snack foods, etc.) still true? If not, will you change to something that is currently true?- Are you willing to put down the things that are no longer true, or will you continue to wear them even as they rip like old clothes?
  • naked soul reflection - seeing the deeper peace
    Seeing and connecting with peace from a deeper place. I got present to the fact that I had been using my meditation as a drug to erase or change how/what I was feeling. Whenever I found myself nervous, upset or anxious about something, I would sit and meditate with the goal of erasing those feelings. Now, I am practicing just being present to what I feel without the intention of erasing or manipulating things. Rather, I practice expanding my vision to see that whatever is on my mind is just small bits in the landscape of who I am, my soul, and the deep peace and stillness within.
  • Naked Soul Reflection - Choosing to cultivate contentment and live from a deeper place of joy
    In this week's Naked Soul Reflection, there is an offering to cultivate contentment and to choose to live from joy from a deeper place within.Choosing to cultivate contentment and live from a deeper place of joy.Santosa or contentment is one of the niyamas, part of the 8 limbs of yoga. The Niyamas are "personal ethics necessary for taking care of and developing oneself in order to live a balanced life." The Language of Yoga: Complete A to Y Guide to Asana Names, Sanskrit Terms, and Chants by Nicolai Bachman.Excerpts from the Bhagavad Gita:Those whose consciousness is unified abandon all attachment to the results of action and attain supreme peace. But those whose desires are fragmented, who are selfishly attached to the results of their work, are bound in everything they do. (5.12)But ignorance is destroyed by knowledge of the Self within. The light of this knowledge shines like the sun, revealing the supreme Brahman.* (5.16)They are not elated by good fortune nor depressed by bad. With mind established in Brahman, they are free from delusion. Not dependent on any external support, they realize the joy of spiritual awareness. With consciousness unified through meditation, they live in abiding joy. (5.20-21)Source: The Bhagavad Gita (Classics of Indian Spirituality) by Eknath Easwaran*Brahman = "energy of creation" per The Language of Yoga or "universal principle" in some other sources.
  • Naked Soul Reflection June 6, 2016 - Staying the course of a season
    Staying the course of a season and knowing that when the time comes, the "timer" will sound and it will come get you.---In my life, there are many times when I keep looking to see when a particular issue, phase, problem will end, when will I have answers. This would even show up in my meditation practice, as I would constantly look at the timer to see how much longer I had to sit.Now, I am practicing not looking at the timer and trusting that when it is time, the buzzer will sound, the timer will let me know that the season is over. I don't know how long I'll wrestle with finding balance for my body, for instance, but the timer will sound on this phase when the time comes. Meanwhile, I am here in this place, breathing, learning, growing.
  • Naked Soul Reflection May 30, 2016 Returning to seeing Self as innocent
    Returning to seeing Self as innocent, pure and precious by being in nature clothes free
  • Naked Soul Reflection - May 23, 2016 Recognizing illusions
    Recognizing illusionsStaying the course through long seasonsIntentions, questions for reflection throughout the weekSong referenced in this episode is "You Can't Rush Your Healing" by Trevor Hall
  • naked soul reflections for may 16 2016 stages of our journeys
    In this week's Naked Soul Reflections episode, we explore the theme of enjoying the stages of our journeys, walk through each phase with dignity and peace.
  • Naked Soul Reflection 3 - May 9 2016 Beginning where we are
    In this podcast episode, I share on beginning where we are, accepting where we are even if our initial motivations don't seem spot on. We always have to start somewhere. Rather than judge how we begin, we can give thanks we never stay the same. Even when we return to something, the next visitation is never the same as the last. Our motivations and experiences change, and that is something to appreciate. We give thanks for our journey.Book Referenced in this podcast:"The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice" by TKV Desikachar
  • Naked Soul Reflections 2 - May 2 2016 Benefits of meditation in everyday life
    In this week's offering of Naked Soul Reflections, the benefits of meditation on our way of being in everyday life. When we give ourselves space to simply be, just as we are, we create space to be honest with ourselves without harming others. It creates a path for healing, peace and growth.
  • Naked Soul Reflections 1 - April 25 2016 - Connections
    Clothes Free Life presents the first episode of the Naked Soul Reflections series. In this episode, we look at connection: how we are connected not only with ourselves, but with the world around us and the opportunity that gives us to live our lives as positive testaments to possibility.