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straight outta clothes podcast #2 naturist fiction author wil Forest 

straight outta clothes podcast episode #2 interview with Will Forest author of Coed Naked Philosophy – naturist themed fiction & naked reading day Listen/Download Show notes This episode features our conversation with naturist fiction author Wil Forest. Who shares with us how he got started writing naturist themed fiction. He also shares his experience with naturism & tells us about some of his current writing and a new book due out this summer. Links General: General: CO-ED NAKED PHILOSOPHY on Amazon: “Disrobing Suspense” series of interviews with naturist fiction writers: Page with sample and info about upcoming novel AGLOW:

author Anthony Crowley seeking to expand naturist options in hometown

Naturist calls for more facilities in Dudley LONDON’S first naked restaurant has just opened its doors and now a naturist is calling for Dudley to follow suit and offer more facilities for those who feel more comfortable in the buff. Anthony Crowley’s hopes for the borough include library reading groups, exercise classes in leisure centres and places to sunbathe. He said: “It would obviously need to be private and away from the general public out of respect but I think the public should be more accepting of these things, it’s 2016 now, times have changed. There should be more facilities and recreation areas for naturists.” The author and poet said there are naturist facilities in Birmingham and Telford that he visits occasionally but said it is “too far away”. read more – Source: Worcester News

A photographer learns that baring it all isn’t so bad

#The Naked Truth of Washington’s Clothing-Optional Park The word “nudist” comes with some baggage. It conjures the image of sexual deviancy and a world where standard rules of ettiquette don’t apply. Jordan Stead, a staff photographer for, found the contrary to be true. Nudism, or “naturism,” has a lot of rules. Most of the etiquette at the nudist park he photographed is common sense. Don’t stare. Children must always be supervised by a parent or guardian. All members and visitors need a background check. The “take-everywhere sitting towel” is a necessity, because as the official park rules stipulate, “it’s a common practice to place something between your bare buns and any public surface you sit or lie upon Stead first became aware of Fraternity Snoqualmie’s family nudist park when he saw a portrait by Alan Berner of the Seattle Times. Three older men, completely nude, were photographed holding volleyballs in front of their nether regions. The picture remained in Stead’s mind until April 2014, when he embarked on a photo story about the park …

interview with tim chizmar actor, comedian and producer of bare with us the movie

Tim Chizmar is a man of many talents and a true nudist. Chizmar has hosted naked comedy shows;he is an advocate for body positivity He is an on camera personality for clothes free news. He has written screenplays and acted in movies, done stand up comedy (clothed and clothes free), a true man about town. Chizmar latest project is a nudist comedy, he took time to answer a few questions about the project for CFL this week. CFL – Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions about your upcoming movie project Bare With Us. Looking at your resume you have a rich and diverse experience in show business from stand up comedy to movies how did you get started? TC – Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to reach out to your readers. I grew up in a rough spot (as many comedians do) and thus comedy was an outlet for me to not take things too seriously. My parents are both convicted felons.. I’ll leave it at that as not to …

Ottawa Naturists President tells CBC “Being a naturist isn’t about sex or exhibitionism”

Being naked is a ‘sense of freedom’ for naturists He describes naturist (also known as nudist) gatherings this way: “It’s a sense of freedom, lack of badges of your status in society, and everybody is the same. You can’t tell right off the bat whether somebody is a lawyer, a member of parliament, or a teacher or a plumber or whatever.” Thompson is the president of the group Ottawa Naturists. Members hold family-friendly events and meetings in private spaces like camps. While the gatherings are meant to be fun for like-minded people, Thompson says there are some stereotypes they regularly have to confront. See video where Thompson describes naturism as ordinary people doing things without clothes. Source: CBC News Ottawa

Mid Winter Naturist Festival Review – The UnMasking Ceremony Workshop

Although my husband and I only went for one day, it was a beautiful day of the Festival. We met so many wonderful people. We encountered so many wonderful things, wonderful families and children. It was a wonderful sight. We do anticipate returning next year for the whole festival. That one day gave us a great taste of the wonderful world we would encounter or live in if we just removed the sexualization of the Human Body we were all programmed to have except for the children raised on this camp and camps similar to it. Anyway, for those of you who have yet to experience such a festival, I truly recommend you visit at least once and experience the naturalness of the human body Source: Mid Winter Naturist Festival Review – The UnMasking Ceremony Workshop

The why of being naturist

The Who, the What, and the Why of Being a Naturist If you check the archives of this site you will see a gap of three months, the time I spent in Mexico at the beginning of 2014. It was as if I was denying naturism and my role in that world. I was trying to twist myself into a more acceptable version of myself, one that would more easily be in relationship with those closest to me, and the world in general. I still struggle with how I can be in my world and be a naturist at the same time. I already knew that being nude, especially in nature was therapeutic for me. Yet, I began to doubt that this was a therapy that I truly needed, that perhaps there was a better way to be mentally well. I had tried counselling, psychological analysis, meditation, Buddhism, and so many more therapeutic modes for more than twenty years without being able to achieve the level of inner peace that I had found in nude …

Book Review – Nine Reasons You Should Never Be a Naturist

Finding Finneas’ New Naked Book Review “Nine Reasons You Should Never Be a Naturist” Author “Naked naturalist” Published December 7, 2015 Greetings gentle naked readers! I have been away working diligently to restructure and jump start my 2016. I have a stack of reading to catch up on and as I do I will be sharing my thoughts with you. Our first literary adventure completed of this year has been “Nine Reasons You Should Never Be a Naturist” by an unnamed author, only signed as Naked naturalist. I understand the use of a pseudonym, as in all fairness Finneas Ryder is mine, so no judgement from me. Let’s dive in.

Band picked to headline naturist festival In Doncaster UK

uegrass band called Cocklebread will headline a nudist festival that will return to Doncaster this spring Nudestock VII, a week long nudist festival, will be held at Wroot at the end of May and will feature nude It’s A Knockout style games, naked bingo and live music. Read more: