Month: April 2014

Unashamed Nudists: Exploiting the Theme of Nudism in the 1930s

Originally posted on Vadimage Blog:
The technical definition of exploitation movies is cheaply made pictures distributed by roadshowmen or by local independents called states’-righters. A major studio was opening, in those days [the 1930s and 1940s], 400 prints. An exploitation picture never had more than 15 or 20, and they moved around from territory to territory…[1] (David Friedman) Wikipedia defines “Exploitation film” as a “film which is generally considered to be low budget, and therefore apparently attempting to gain financial success by “exploiting” a current trend or a niche genre or a base desire for lurid subject matter” [2]. According to exploitation producer David Friedman, “exploitation pictures are as old as film itself” [1]. It is not surprising that “many exploitation genres relied on nudity as a source of spectacle” [3]. Eric Schaefer, an author of “meticulously researched, interdisciplinary study” of exploitation films [3], calls the “nudist films” (something about “unashamed nudists”) one of the “cornerstone genres of classical exploitation focused on the spectacle of the nude body”. Recently, while browsing Internet Archive (which is…

Get comfortable in your skin – clothes free yoga

Bold & Naked Yoga Might Be Just What You Need To Get Comfortable In Your Own Skin And before you ask, no, it’s not a sex thing. As in any yoga class, the teacher might touch you in order to do things like correct your alignment so you avoid injury, but it won’t be sexual in any way. Neither will touching or other body contact between students. The studio also does its absolute best to create a safe environment for what it hopes to accomplish: Outside observers aren’t allowed; neither is photography; and your membership will be totally confidential. Anyone who violates the “no sexual touching” rule will be asked to leave and won’t be allowed back in the future. Oh, and dudes? Don’t worry about spontaneous erections; they’re totally normal and won’t get you thrown out. “It rarely happens,” the studio says in its FAQ, “but when it does, it’s okay and nothing to be embarrassed about. It will pass quickly. Erections happen for a lot of reasons and are not limited to sexual …

Postive news story on British naturism and clothes free living in general

The naked truth: 50 years later and British Naturism is still going strong They live in St Austell, Cornwall, with their twomonth-old baby Theo. She says: Most women who have just had a baby would be reluctant to undress in front of their husband let alone in public. Yet even though I have a saggy tummy and stretch marks from pregnancy I still feel confident baring all. It was a different story two years ago when we were so body shy that Martin wouldn't have dreamed of exposing his lovely legs in a pair of shorts and I wouldn't have dared wear a bikini. Then we discovered naturism while camping on our honeymoon in the UK in July 2012 and our self-esteem soared. While booking campsites to stay on during our road trip we found a luxurious one near Newquay but were hesitant to book when we discovered it was a nudist resort. read more  

Clothes free yoga guy arrested 2004 old article

Au naturel is natural for Naked Yoga Guy The Naked Yoga Guy's journey into the legal system began a few months back when he started giving impromptu demonstrations at Fisherman's Wharf to plug his book and his nude lifestyle. Davis, a onetime theology student who claims to have a trophy wife, 27- foot yacht and season tickets to the opera, said there was plenty of tourist reaction to the act. Most of the T-shirt and fanny packer crowd, however, just snickered, shrugged or snapped a quick “only in San Francisco” photo. Only a few showed any real interest in Davis' book or, for that matter, taking up naked yoga. read more Curator's note: Not sure this is any good for yoga or naturism/nudism and clothes free living  

Sunny rest Resort featured for clothes free beer and wine festivals

Nudist Resort Hosting Naked Beer and Wine Festivals This Summer If you like to be naked and drink beer and wine, we have the perfect getaway for you. Sunny Rest Resort in the Pennsylvania Poconos Mountains (about a five-hour drive from Boston) is hosting two festivals this summer—a Bare Beach Beer Bash June 28 and Bare Vine Wine Fest August 16. If you are waffling about whether to whip it all out, this is not the vacation for you. The first thing you need to know is “nudity is required” at the beer and wine festival areas, according to the event flyer on the resort website. read more  

Portsmouth WNBR 2014

Naked Bike Riders Take to Portsmouth's Streets Again Portsmouth is once again joining the World Naked Bike Ride this year to raise awareness of bike safety and green issues. The event takes place on the 24th May starting from the green opposite the Coffee Cup in Eastney at 2pm. Last year ,90 cyclists took part and followed the route around the south of the city. They were joined by four French cyclists who have said that this year they will be bringing more people with them to take part. [read more](