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Getting fit clothes free

“I always guessed it would be a shock for anyone who saw me hiking naked that first time a few years ago. When it did happen, I thought I’d picked a good spot. Out in the middle of the Yorkshire countryside, miles from the nearest town and marked trails. Still, the reaction wasn’t a negative one. The couple who passed me were long-time ramblers, and rather than look away they stopped, smiled (after giving me the once over) and after I offered to cover up, we had the most interesting chat. The couple, although not active nudists, were fascinated in my nude hiking and engaged in a long series of questions about how, why and when I got in to it? Like most nudists, I enjoyed the feeling of fresh air on my body. Being able to appreciate the countryside in my natural unclothed state was something that just felt right. The couple nodded enthusiastically and admitted that they were often naked in their garden during the summer and seeing me had inspired them to …

I Forgot I Was Naked

Mat rolled out and soft lighting set the tone for a calming evening yoga practice. Splashed about my space were pillows, blocks, water, strap and books, anything I might need to support me in exploring a variety of asanas. Wrapped about my skin were simply its natural brown color and the cool air.

Portsmouth WNBR 2014

Naked Bike Riders Take to Portsmouth's Streets Again Portsmouth is once again joining the World Naked Bike Ride this year to raise awareness of bike safety and green issues. The event takes place on the 24th May starting from the green opposite the Coffee Cup in Eastney at 2pm. Last year ,90 cyclists took part and followed the route around the south of the city. They were joined by four French cyclists who have said that this year they will be bringing more people with them to take part. [read more](  

Volley Brawl is on at Sunny Haven – guest blog

by Chris A day that changed our lives forever. It’s funny how the people that introduce you to nude recreation always hold a special place in your heart. That first day you wonder if you will be accepted and fit in. What will it feel like to be naked around a bunch of strangers in a strange place you’ve never visited before? The overwhelming feeling of freedom and peace can change your life. About 4 years ago I met my future wife Stephanie. We had only dated a few weeks and it was time to “come out of the closet” about my love for running around naked. I was nervous because we had been getting along so well and I really was falling in love already. I had prepared for the moment for days. I had AANR brochures and practiced what I would say. I finally got up the courage to tell her. She had questions and needed reassurance but was very open minded and understanding. After a conversation that probably only lasted a few …