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clothes free vacation, pt. 7: pausing reflection

This first week back in the city after that marvelous clothes free vacation had its challenges. Right away, I was bombarded with text messages, emails and conversations with people asking for tons of favors. Rather than jump right into it, I gave myself space to just exist. I spent Monday crying a great deal, crying and writing. Tuesday, I stepped out to the yoga studio and had my first clothed practice in over a week. And then wrote some more. Finally, Wednesday, I walked across the bridge, took the elevator up and opened the door to the office. And kept writing.

clothes free vacation pt. 5: the women

I had a much needed healing experience with the women I encountered on my clothes free vacation, both at the Northeast Naturist Festival at Empire Haven Nudist Park and at the clothing optional beach we visited towards the close of the adventure. This was a very important moment for me, because my introduction to clothes free life happened through social media. And similar to what others have shared, I found it difficult to find clothes free accounts / users online that weren’t primarily focused on the human body as just a body and incessantly commenting on it sexually. I have seen various genders post those kinds of images and have seen various genders make sexual commentary on pictures, even when the images were not at all about that subject.

clothes free vacation, pt. 3: arriving

OK. It’s time to meet the people. I spent some time stalling at my rest point, checking and rechecking that I had everything in order, when in reality the car was fully packed and ready to go. There was nothing left to pick up, nothing left to do but drive over to Empire Haven Nudist Park. This is where I would meet people, this is where I would take part in some of the 2015 Northeast Naturist Festival activities and have my first ever camping experience (and what a way to do it: clothes free!).

clothes free vacation, pt. 1: landing home

It’s early Monday morning, and I’m having my usual cup of tea. I had originally scheduled to have today off as a day of transition after my first clothes free vacation. I knew I’d need time to step out of the woods and sand back into the noise and density of the city. I didn’t know it would be this hard, though. This morning, my tea is accompanied with tears. 


Today marks a very special day. Today I pack a car and drive off to my first ever clothes free vacation. As it happens this turns out to be my one year clothes free life anniversary. A proper clothes free vacation, therefore, seems to be the perfect way to round out my first year of clothes free experiences.

It’s nakation time

Get ready for ‘nakation’ on clothing-optional cruises The cruise, organized by Bliss Management of Coral Springs, Fla., is part of a growing clothing-optional tourism industry — everything from cruises and organized tours to about 250 resorts and clubs, according to the American Association for Nude Recreation in Kissimmee. Interest in “nakationing” has doubled since 2010, the association says. Cruises, in particular, are booming. “Nudists attract nudists,” said Nancy Tiemann, president of Bare Necessities Tour & Travel Co. in Austin, Texas, who has arranged clothing-optional cruises for 25 years. “They’re laid back, friendly and unpretentious.” read complete article