Month: September 2013

Naturists renew call for non-sexual naturism | di-ve – Malta’s news, lifestyle & classified

Naturists renew call for non-sexual naturism | di-ve – Malta’s news, lifestyle & classified. “It is true that some perverts and others who exhibited unwanted behaviour frequent our unofficial beaches. We believe that this behaviour that often attracts the police through reports from the public happens largely due that these beaches are not legal. With legality comes more monitoring and any unwanted behaviour will be reported appropriately at the moment we cannot do this as we ourselves are committing an ‘illegal act’.”

Saunas and Our Christian Belief

  Saunas and Our Christian Belief   How do you cope with the sight of naked bodies? Quite simply, there is nothing to cope with. The problem – whatever it is – only exists in the minds of people who have never tried any clothes-optional activity. People imagine that the sight of naked people will be sexually stimulating and tempt them to immoral thoughts. It just does not work that way. Of course, there is nothing to stop you thinking immoral thoughts in a naturist environment. But most people think they look much better with their clothes on. That may be the main reason why so many people worry so much about the ‘need’ to keep wearing clothes – it is not modesty, but pride. Sue and I don’t watch much television, but from what we have seen, almost any evening spent in front of the box is far more sexually stimulating than an evening enjoying a sauna with some naturist friends. The conversation is better in the sauna, though.   Related articles   Naturists …

Naturism, the Bible and the Catholic Church.

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Baptism on Jesus, Bordone, Giotto 1276-1336 By G. Camilleri       ( Naturism in Malta has recently been the subject of some TV feature programs, newspaper articles and online debate.  A group on facebook ( is proposing the legalisation of nudist beaches in Malta. A significant number of letters and other type of communication from Maltese people indicate that a lot of people believe that naturism is wrong because it goes directly against the Catholic Church teachings. For example, an excerpt from a letter against naturism states ‘aħna poplu Kristjan u għalina dan huwa selvaġiżmu sfrenat (translation, ‘we are Christians and for us this is salvagism at its best’).’ ( Many catholic theologians argue against nudity due to the principles of modesty.  ‘Because he lives in fallen nature, man is to be clothed’ (Genesis 3:6-7, 13-21). ‘Nudism opposes one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, that being the fruit of modesty’,”Baptism confers on its recipient the grace of purification from all sins. But the baptized must continue to struggle against concupiscence of…

Naturism / Nudism – may Catholics join?

Naturism / Nudism – may Catholics join? We know from the Gospels that Jesus himself and the Apostles felt no false shame in laying off their dress (see for instance John 21,7). Jesus and his followers must have washed themselves in the Jordan or other ponds, undressing as they did so. Also, people were baptised naked. For a good Catholic nothing is more natural than being a good naturist.  

Brown University To Host ‘Nudity In The Upspace’ Week

Brown University To Host ‘Nudity In The Upspace’ Week Students held similar events during last year’s nudity week at Brown, which the creators considered a success. Camila Pacheco-Fores, a then-Brown junior, told the Brown Daily Herald they wanted to discuss what’s normally a social taboo. “It’s been incredible to learn that being naked is just fun!” Pacheco-Fores told the Daily Herald in September 2012. “Penises, vaginas, boobs, butts — body parts that used to make me feel awkward and uncomfortable before now I just see as another part of another beautiful body.” Related articles Brown University To Host ‘Nudity In The Upspace’ Week ( Brown University Students To Host Nudity Week ( Brown University To Host ‘Nudity In The Upspace’ Week (

Harry Deitz: Not just an issue of prude vs. nude

Harry Deitz: Not just an issue of prude vs. nude. “This has never been done anywhere else in the world,” Konopelski told Reading Eagle reporter Beth Anne Heesen last week. “With this option, we thought we could actually scare people more easily with people being more vulnerable. People have a fear of being naked and being in a haunted house.” Just because no one else has done it – if that’s true – doesn’t mean our community should. It doesn’t matter that guests must be 18, that there is security or that they are “never in view of minors or nonparticipating customers,” according to the park’s website. Simply, it’s wrong. If people want to run naked through a house, let them do it in their own home. In fact, I have no complaints about what consenting adults do in private. That’s their business. This is a public event. Related articles Harry Deitz: Not just an issue of prude vs. nude ( Shocktoberfest’s naked haunted house gets covered up ( ‘Naked and scared’ no more: Haunted …

BARE It’s OK to let it all hang out in the name of sleep If you’ve never stripped down and fallen asleep completely bare between your sheets, well, then frankly, you’re missing out. Sleeping naked is perhaps one of the most natural, most relaxing, most freeing things you could ever do for yourself. In a world that says you must do 12 things at once while also chewing gum, sometimes the only time you can take to pamper yourself is when you’re asleep. Sleeping naked is the equivalent of sleeping on a beautiful, cloud, and I highly recommend it. Some of you may have some questions, and that’s fair. So, here are the FAQs. – See more at: Related articles Sleep naked? (