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Clothes free life AMA – ask me anything

All next week from March 21-26 we will be hosting clothes free life Ask Me Anything. You can ask EarlD founder/editorial chief of and myclothesfree will answer any questions you have about the sites, clothes free living or his personal experience with the clothes free life. Simply post a comment with your questions and a reply response with the answer will be given. So if there is ANYTHING you have ever wondered about but didn’t think to ask ANYTHING heard but wondered if it was three now the time to get the answer straight fro the source.

interview with tim chizmar actor, comedian and producer of bare with us the movie

Tim Chizmar is a man of many talents and a true nudist. Chizmar has hosted naked comedy shows;he is an advocate for body positivity He is an on camera personality for clothes free news. He has written screenplays and acted in movies, done stand up comedy (clothed and clothes free), a true man about town. Chizmar latest project is a nudist comedy, he took time to answer a few questions about the project for CFL this week. CFL – Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions about your upcoming movie project Bare With Us. Looking at your resume you have a rich and diverse experience in show business from stand up comedy to movies how did you get started? TC – Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to reach out to your readers. I grew up in a rough spot (as many comedians do) and thus comedy was an outlet for me to not take things too seriously. My parents are both convicted felons.. I’ll leave it at that as not to …

Outside IN – mom

Outside IN is a new series on consisting of interviews with various people who do not practice naturism or clothes free living. The purpose of these chats is to hear individual personal shares about people’s history, experiences and perspectives regarding nudity. Most interviews will take place with people I know, as some questions might become quite personal. First interview: Mom.

Color me stress free – Interview with Karl Gude creator of the Nude Coloring book

Have you ever imagined you were Michelangelo or another famous artist? Need to lose some stress or do some creative meditation? Looking for a body positive way to release pent-up creative energy? Well Karl Gude has got just the thing for you. It’s the Nude Coloring Book. Clothes Free Life discovered the book through Twitter and reached out to its creator for an interview. The Nude Coloring Book seemed like something that would be used by members of the clothes free community. It could make a great gift for some or buy one for yourself. Read more about this unique resource and its creator in this interview. CFL :Tell us about the genesis of the coloring book; What made you want to produce a nude coloring book? KG: I noticed that there were a whole lot of coloring books out there for adults to help them deal with stress through meditative coloring. I assumed it had to be one that featured the nude figure but couldn’t find one in any of my searches. So I …

clothes free art – artist spotlight: marie jørgensen – artbymajor_yogaprints

 In one of the recent rounds of the Natural Foundation Yoga challenge, we were delighted and honored to have as one of our sponsors the amazing Marie Jørgensen, also known as artbymajor_yogaprints on Instagram. Marie’s work caught my attention right away for its brightness, honesty, variety, depth and character. The theme of her posts on Instagram is clothes free yoga, and her subjects depict a wide range of people. I love the joy and strength of her work, all beautifully articulated. I was also lucky enough to be honored by her work when she chose me as a subject, too. The spirit of her work is bright and uplifting , so of course I had to grab an interview with her and spread the word to all of you. Enjoy her share!

“reminding people how great they are” – an interview w/ katherine medina of nakedyogayyc

Introduction from hontouniheart: I had the pleasure of conversing with Katherine Medina of NakedYogaYYC in Calgary, Alberta CANADA about her experience in practicing and teaching naked yoga. I appreciated so much of what Katherine shared in terms of the hurdles and  resistance that came initially. Then she shared about the wonderful things that students experience now that the classes have been up and running for a while. I am so moved by Katherine’s journey, and I hope this lights you with inspiration as it did for me.

Sacramento nudity law draconian?

40 YEARS OF NUDITY ON STREETS OF SACRAMENTO COMING TO AN END Naturist Action Committee representative says the new law set to be voted on by the city council by June goes too far since it may prohibit being clothes free in your own backyard.  Randi Knott, the director of governmental affairs with the City of Sacramento said that 22 people have taken advantage of the loophole since 2002. Some of the abusers have been arrested and then let go. “As we get much more urban, there are more people, and sadly, transients. We are seeing (public nudity) occur more often,” he said. Bob Morton with the Naturist Action Committee out of Texas told Fox40 that the privacy aspect of the proposed ordinance amendment seems draconian.  “The ordinance would also apply for nudity in your backyard. That’s too far,” he said. Read the full article

School employee warned after being featured in Free the Nipple film

“I thought about it, and found out it was legal,” said Bolton, 37, noting that a 1992 court ruling in New York allows women to bare their breasts in public, just as men do. “Besides, I support equal rights for women. I’m not ashamed of it.”On Thursday, Bolton, a computer aide and resident of White Plains, was reassigned from Woodlands High School to the district’s administration building after she was grilled about the film in a “questioning” that was part of Greenburgh’s disciplinary protocol.On Friday, she received a “letter of counsel” from Mary O’Neill, Greenburgh’s assistant superintendent for business, who had seen photographs from the film’s Dec. 11 premiere at the International Film Center in Manhattan, at which Bolton was photographed topless. Read more from Lohud News