Month: January 2013

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Picture yourself as Isaiah…you have a pretty successful prophetic ministry going on, things are going well, and then all of a sudden God comes along and says, “Hey man, I’ve got a REALLY creative way to communicate what I am about to do next.” Now I imagine Isaiah getting pretty excited about this until God says, “My creative way of communication includes you taking off all your clothes and walking around for three years.” Personally—this is where my excitement would have ceased. Just being honest! Let me put that thought on pause though and ask this question: What if some of the bloggers that were around today would have existed back then? Can’t you just hear them now? “I can’t believe someone who claims to know God would do something like that!” “That is one of the most irreverent things I have ever seen.” “There is no way he is a Christian.” “There goes another one of those people who are trying to water down the word…

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via: Sometimes I just need to unplug.  I had a few days like that.  No Yahoo! Instant Messenger.  I checked Twitter only a few times and didn’t leave it running all day and the same for Facebook.  I checked my emails in the morning and evening. No news. No hearing everyone’s problems. No listening to the same problems over and over. Silence.  Sweet, encompassing silence. I just wanted to hear my own thoughts for a while.  Check in with myself. I know there are people who are sitting aghast in abject horror right now, unable to fathom how a person could dare unplug from the world and be happy with the disconnection, but let me tell you – it’s a wonderful thing. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, my Shoulder Angel & Devil… aka “Shoulder Monkeys” My mental soldiers have regrouped.  My “Shoulder Angel and Devil”, my “Shoulder Monkeys”, had a nice rest and are ready to get back in the ring for tag-team wrestling.  Oh?  You…

Nudists At Nude Men Exhibit

Leopold Museum Invites Naked Viewers To Experience The Exhibition   The official invitation to go au naturel comes after an Austrian man spontaneously stripped down at the exhibition. (The visitor clothed himself only after a security guard asked him to cover up.) The concept of a nude art tour is not new, however. According to The Los Angeles Times, Australia’s Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney also invited visitors to gaze upon their artwork in the buff “as a way to bring visitors closer to the art and help them gain a new perspective on the museum experience.”

Nudism Ultimate Body Acceptance

Nudism: Is It The Ultimate Form Of Body Acceptance? Via Your Tango The whole issue of nakedness came up a few weeks ago when a friend suggested a group of us go to a Korean-style spa. She described a heavenly place with five floors of pools, saunas and treatment rooms. I immediately imagined the smell of chorine, a hot tub and a glass of red wine in my hand. Perfect. But then someone else mentioned the dress code and another friend said she’d heard the pools were all-nude and divided by sex. Suddenly my dreams of carefree water lounging dissolved into a puddle of shame and awkwardness. Would I be forced to bathe nude with my closest friends? And if so, would I be okay with that? What are your boundaries when it comes to nakedness?