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Understanding SnapChat Privacy

If you have ever used SnapChat you might of wondered how the privacy settings work, so I’ve done quite a bit of work testing SnapChat Privacy settings and how they all work. I used to think that by changing your account from “Everyone” to “Friends Only” would also change the privacy level of current snaps on your story. However that is in fact NOT the case. The Privacy setting on your SnapChat only conforms to when you posted said snap to your story. For example if you posted photo A  to your story when it was set to “Everyone” and later you changed it to “Friends Only”, photo A can still be seen by “Everyone” and it’s privacy setting didn’t change. Here are the general permissions that SnapChat allows “Everyone” permission If you have your privacy set to Everyone they will see all your story snaps without you having to add them back as a friend. “Friends Only” permission If you have your privacy set to Friends Only they will only see your story if you added them …

how to take better nude self portraits

This article talks about how to take better nude self portraits and contains some helpful tips and tricks that might help you improve your photos! Before I start I just want to point out that anybody who follows me on twitter might notice that I share a lot of nude self portraits and this article is going to outline the steps I take to capture those self portraits that many have asked me questions about how I got those shots. Well there are a number of different techniques you can use & I’ll try my best to cover them in this article. Personally, I normally use a camera w/a tripod for my photos but if you only have a cell phone I have outlined steps for those in this as well. Camera w/Tripod Here are steps for using a camera with a tripod. Camera w/shutter timer or wireless remote (if your camera supports it) Tripod Now that you have your equipment you need to setup your camera on a tripod and get it positioned where you want …

Clothes free life AMA – ask me anything

All next week from March 21-26 we will be hosting clothes free life Ask Me Anything. You can ask EarlD founder/editorial chief of and myclothesfree will answer any questions you have about the sites, clothes free living or his personal experience with the clothes free life. Simply post a comment with your questions and a reply response with the answer will be given. So if there is ANYTHING you have ever wondered about but didn’t think to ask ANYTHING heard but wondered if it was three now the time to get the answer straight fro the source.

Weekly Podcast – March 9, 2016 12:30 PM EST

Tune in today 12:30 EST for the weekly podcast Clothes Free Living Update via Zcast app! Our live broadcast covers the latest news stories, original pieces, hot topics on naturism nudism & clothes free living from the clothes free community and mainstream media. Download the Zcast app to your mobile device and tune in there, or you can follow this link and listen via your web Tip: If you are using a mobile device, make sure your ringer is ON (not on vibrate) and the volume up so that you can hear the broadcast.

Creating a consent culture

Repost @creatingconsentculture We believe this is a critical issue related to the clothes free living community. A person’s clothes or lack of clothes is not permission to sexually assault. So we are reposting/reblogging in support View this post on Instagram A little louder, for the people in the back! 🙏 Share to spread the word. Everyone needs to know that consent is more than "no means no! "📣💯✔️📣💯✔️📣🙏✔️📣💯✔️📣💯✔️📣 #creatingconsentculture #anythingbutyesisno #consentculture #consentismandatory #humanrights #education #respect #peaceandlove #loveandlight #lgbt #namaste #feminism #feminist #overcome #survivor #rapeculture #victimblaming #speakup #youarenotalone A post shared by Creating Consent Culture (@creatingconsentculture) on Jan 31, 2016 at 12:26pm PST

resources for women in clothes free life

As my passion for clothes free life continues to expand, so rises my desire to support other women. My personal experiences and conversations I have had with women within and outside of the clothes free community continue to highlight the importance of having a places for women to talk and resources for support. On that note, below are a few pieces of programming coming in the near future.