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Repost: Diary of a Teenage Nudist

Three years ago, reposted an amazing documentary, “Diary of a Teenage Nudist.” I recently came across this documentary and watched all four parts, referenced below.  This struck me and resonated with so many issues that I have seen and experienced myself since entering clothes free life as a young woman of color last fall. Many of the concerns articulated by Bianca and others in the film I also have felt or still feel myself. It begs reposting, because the issues and concerns are real. It is not easy to step into this kind of lifestyle safely. It’s not just a matter of “bravery,” “boldness,” or comfort. Behaviors and responses of others are real and are to be considered. There are larger issues at stake.  There are many perspectives covered in this documentary. I found it enriching, informative and encouraging for my own journey. Video references from  Diary of a Teenage Nudist Pt 1 Diary of a Teenage Nudist Pt 2 Diary of a Teenage Nudist Pt 3 Diary of a Teenage Nudist, Pt 4