Month: June 2013

Yet another single male nudist. Best to avoid him.

Originally posted on Naked Historia:
There are a lot more single men than single women naturists.  This is a major issue that has been much debated for decades and yet nothing seems to be changing.  If anything the situation is getting worse. I think a major concern for single female naturists is feelings of vulnerability. In a clothed social environment women are far more likely to have unwanted attention from men than the other way around. To be honest, men seem far more likely to get unwanted attention from other men than from women. This is why women usually go clubbing in groups. For security, as much as for company. In a naturist context the single man, not anticipating unwanted attention, has far fewer qualms about going to nude social events than a single woman. Whilst the gender balance is intended to prevent women from feeling overwhelmed by too many men and getting lots of unwanted attention it fails to do so. The insistence on a ‘gender balance’ further exacerbates the issue, as it gives…

Naked Before God – Part 12 – Naked Celebration

Originally posted on All Things Rabyd:
In Richard Foster’s book Celebration of Discipline, Foster starts with the idea that disciplines are about liberation and lead to celebration of life and freedom from sin in Christ within ourselves and with others.  He ends his book with the Discipline of Celebration.  In my case, I will conclude my look at the disciplines here as well but not this series as I think one more thing needs to be done which address the problems with nudity as a discipline in detail and address possible solutions to those problems. For now though , celebration will be on the agenda in the context of what nudity as a spiritual discipline can bring to the table. Celebration is ultimately a corporate discipline and it is the spiritual discipline that cuts deepest against the idea of disciplines being all about serious contemplation being the only way to spiritual enlightenment. That spiritual growth and enlightenment can be found in celebration of the good things of life and faith in the context of fellow believers is something that is…