Month: November 2015

Bishop elect grew up as naturist

Bless me! It’s Britain’s first NUDIST Bishop The Archdeacon said the Church often portrayed the naked body as something rude to be covered up, but Christians shouldn’t feel uncomfortable wandering around in the nude, as long as they were not breaking the law. In a theological booklet she co-wrote with an academic 15 years ago while a vicar in Maidstone, Kent, Archdeacon Gorham said: ‘The connection of nakedness and sex, though it may seem inescapable, need not necessarily be so… ‘Life in a naturist club, or a naturist resort, is just about doing things which one generally does with clothes on, but unclothed when the circumstances permit it.’ Read more:

Body Acceptance

Originally posted on The Musings of LazerusLong:
Body acceptance One of the greatest personal benefits to the philosophy & practice of naturism is developing a greater sense of body acceptance. In our material world, the goal of having a body like what you see in the magazines, on TV, and in the movies seams to be the ruler that we all measure against. By adopting the philosophy & practice of naturism, you will discover that every body is beautiful.  That every body is worthy.  That every body is different.  There are tall bodies, short bodies, fluffy bodies, skinny bodies.  There are endless variations of every element that makes up the human form.  And as you see the variation, you begin to realize that the variations are all beautiful.  And that even though there may be parts of your own body that you are less then satisfied with, you don’t need to feel ashamed of it.  You will come to embrace your own body. Lets looks at what various sources around the interwebitubes have to say…


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If you are Christian And ashamed of your body Listen to Jesus And pay attention to what he Said about the issue Of tissue around your bones And how that makes you Evil and some kind of crone. Find where he says Abomination is your own skin And where he says Shame on the shape you’re in. Since that came from God And by your teaching God is right On everything he ever did, Why this turning off of the lights? And, if not Christian, Isn’t it all really the same thing; Covering up, a masquerade, Posing, pontificating, pretending? Why the hiding and lying About who and what you are? Why treat your healthy self As if you were some big scar? Isn’t it really that society Has made you think badly of you, And when the truth is told It was not about something you do? It’s more about what others Think and feel and see as shame. So quit thinking they are right, And by all means quit taking…

So I did it! I tried Nude Yoga

Originally posted on Light Witch:
I’m a person who likes to take myself out of my comfort zone. I know that’s where the growth comes, so I will always sign up. I’ve pushed the envelope ever since I was a kid. So at 31, I’m used to it. When I first heard about Nude Yoga I thought even cobra (Bhujangasana) would be uncomfortable, let alone downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) for my, ahem, let’s say, perineum. Then an opportunity arose with Fit Gangster, a fitness community who review the latest in studios. So I just went for it. What’s the worst that could happen? Who cares if I get embarrassed? I’ve been to circles and 5rythym dances before, so I know spaces like this are always shared with like-minded people and I would feel comfortable. I was not nervous, just psyched for the event. I started following @rosie.rees on Instagram and could see how genuine she is and felt immediately at home when I turned up on the night. I brought with me a towel for my mat, a…

The naked book worm.

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If you’re a regular follower of my blog, Twitter account or Goodreads blog, you should know by now that I’m a fanatical lover of books and reading.? My father worked for a book publishers and when my brother and I were young children, dad would bring home boxes of free books and my love and respect for books was nurtured from a young age. In some ways, I’m glad I grew up in the 1970’s and early 1980’s before the rise of the computer, mobile phones and multi-channel TV. The Britain of my youth was three TV channels which were not 24 hours, board games and books. A rainy day during the school holidays was an excuse to ?tuck into a great book or a visit to our local library. My favourite authors as a child were Roald Dahl, Beatrix Potter and Enid Blyton. I also loved the Moomin books by Tove Janssen. As I grew into my early teenage years, a copy of Great Expectations fell into my hand and…