Month: September 2012

Originally posted on Nicky's World:
Can accompany articles about nudist beaches, rising nudism rates, etc – without showing any actual nudity. Modelo Mariana Veronica Direitos autoriais de Gisele Porcaro (Photo credit: Wikipedia) A while back on May 9,  I wrote a blog post about  me being  an intersex naturist and how rare I am as being the only intersex person who is comfortable in their own skin. Also being the only known intersex person who’s a nudist in a nudist community. Now I am going to talk to you about what nudism means to me as an intersex person. and how it can it can help those born with intersex conditions to overcome their issues with their body. Now for me, in the beginning, I was never comfortable with my body. After all I was always subjected to being poked, prodded and viewed as a Lab Rat by medical doctors. In that time I was very insecure about my body and that was because I was not comfortable with what I was born with…

Nude Rugby

Nude Rugby From its humble beginnings as a bit of fun to an annual event that generates international media attention and crowds in the thousands, Nude Rugby celebrates all that is unique about Dunedin – hardy souls taking on the world ( and the elements ) and not letting anything hinder the desire to have a good time.

Originally posted on Slayerx1010 Studios:
There was a recent debate on NudistNaturistAmerica by Felicity Jones, one of the nudists blogging on that website. The debate was about anonymity among nudists on the net. I’ll have to agree, using pseudonyms as nudists could hurt our cause in the long run. If you have been paying attention to my posts, you will notice that the author’s name is a real name – my real name. I believe in not hiding my identity as a good move. There are plenty of other nudists who use their real names on the web, Tom Mulhall and Mary Clare of The Terra Cotta Inn for instance, which are doing really well as open nudists. Melissa DejaNude (DejaNude on YouTube; not her real last name) vlogs on YouTube completely nude (unless her parents are staying for a while), but just doesn’t expose herself at all on camera. Moira Johnston isn’t a nudist, but she doesn’t use a pseudonym when she talks about her top-free activism. Keeping your real name hidden on the…