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Naked Yoga School -Review

Though there are several cities across the country where a person can find a group clothes free yoga class most locations don’t have that option. So if you want to practice clothes free yoga and get instruction at it your other option is to buy or download a DVD like Yoga Undressed or perhaps try the instructional clothes free videos from Naked Yoga School Over a year ago I tried to do just that but found the video delivery system interface then to be awkward sluggish and incompatible with my tablet and I gave up. So I was excited when I recently came across the Naked. Yoga School channel on Vimeo’s new on demand system and found that the classes were available to rent or purchase there. There are over 200 videos for use covering several popular styles of yoga (hatha, prenatal, yin, chair, Taoist, partner, office) as well as some dance instruction. Additionally the yoga classes have a variety of focus like core, shoulder opening, weigh loss, flexibility, balance, inversions, backbends, and chakras. The …

Maslin Beach – The Movie Review

This movie set on the famous Australian Beach is a quirky film. It could be described as a romantic comedy of sorts. Consisting mainly of several vignettes centered around couples, groups, and individuals spending the day at the clothing optional beach. There are several couples looking for love with each other with others and some not looking for love at all. There is one central character who moves in and out of the center of attention in the movie in between which the other relationships unfold. There are quite a few unusual relationships depicted. An estranged couple who find themselves matched by a dating service, a couple with a workaholic female executive who escape to the beach to “relax”. There is also some sexually oriented couplings,though no actual sex on screen; including a wife who can’t stop having sex, pretty much with anyone who comes along; a creepy older guy trying to pick up the younger female romantic interest for a paid sexual tryst and woman recounting to a friend how her husband tried to …

Yoga Undressed – review

There have been many articles on the web recently about the practice of nude yoga. However, much of the clothes free yoga links to be found on the Internet are either not really about yoga (you know what I mean) or is yoga presented by models rather than genuine yoga teachers or practicitioners. Into that void comes the Yoga undressed Series of videos. Presented by a bone fide yoga teacher Jennifer Kries the Yoga Undressed series provides three levels of of clothes free yoga instruction and practice; a beginner level, intermediate, advanced and a partner practice. The yoga is a a mix of kundalini and hatha vinyasa styles of yoga. For the uninitiated hatha is the umbrella name for all styles of yoga. Vinyasa is the name given to a flowing style of yoga where participants move fluidly from one posture to the next. The Kundalini style of yoga is a style designed to “awaken and release” an inner energy that practitioners of this style believe is located at the base of the spine.