Month: April 2016

more than pics campaign

It’s no secret that the editors of this site are dismayed by the incredible amount of “naturist” blogs and social media accounts that simply reblog retweet and repost images of naked people and classify themselves as such. There is a small but growing group of people who are calling for something more -more than just pics. That is the genesis of this campaign and the accompanying hashtag. #morethanpics Why bother? Why not just leave people alone and let them do their thing? Well that is exactly what we are doing instead of calling for people to change what they are doing, we are saying do what you want, but we want to offer  another option. That option brings two benefits. It helps raise the caliber of material being put out under the naturist, nudist or clothes free label to a higher level. Secondly we will benefit blogger who adopt this campaign by driving more traffic to their sites from clothes The first benefit. The level of quality of naturist, and nudist material online is …

arrested alleged nudist gives bad name with actions and excuses

Nudist accused of child pornography says he researched perverted pictures because of Jared Fogle An Arizona nudist accused of sharing child pornography says that he was drawn to the depraved images because of Subway pitchman Jared Fogle. Marc Rico Miller has been charged with 10 counts of sexual exploitation with a minor after Maricopa County police allegedly found the perverted images and videos on his computer. Police said the 43-year-old, who lives at the “clothing optional” Shangri-La Ranch community in New River, admitted that he used a file sharing program to download the pornography. read more – Source : NY Daily Newsw

Shellness beach is among the UK’s top spots for skinny dipping

Shellness nudist beach on Sheppey named one of UK’s best places for skinny dipping A Kent beach has been named one of the best places in the UK for a spot of skinny dipping. Shellness naturist beach on the Isle of Sheppey has long been a haven for nudists. But now, Red Bull’s Adventure Seekers – which highlights the best places for various activities – is inviting visitors to discard their swimming costumes and take to the water au naturel. read more – Source: Kent Online

nudist camp resident arrested

Man at New River nudist colony arrested for child porn A man who lives at a New River, Arizona nudist colony was arrested Tuesday for downloading child pornography, according to police documents. Marc Rico Miller, 43, faces 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. Miller’s address matches that of Shangri La Ranch in New River. read more view video – Source: 12 News Arizona 

clothes free yoga after dark

Naked Yoga In The Dark Comes To Vancouver A new yoga class is coming to Vancouver and it allows you to perfect the postures and relax, all while in the nude. Naked Yoga in the Dark is intended for beginners and experienced yogis. There will be an easier class for those who have done very little yoga before and intermediate variations for those looking for a challenge. The class will be taught in a dimly lit room for a relaxed atmosphere—while still being able to see the edge of your mat and keep your balance. read more – Source: 604 Now

clothes free living update broadcast 16 April 29 2016

Download | iTunes | Spreaker | Google Play Music | Stitcher On this episode Interview with Cleo of topless topics Topless Topics on Vimeo ToplessTopics – YouTube Topless Topics Tumblr Topless Topics Twitter Thoughtful expressions of what naturism, nudism and clothes free living can do. naturism’s dirty little secret that you should know Nudity not sexuality Naked and Unashamed? naked and afraid proposal “HALT! ABORT! YOU’RE NOT WEARING ANY CLOTHES!”    


In the Deep End: Skinny Dipping in Glasgow Picture the scene: you’re in what feels like a staffroom with around fifteen people. A reassuringly scratchy carpet underfoot, the familiar crackle of polystyrene cups buckling in idle hands. Conversation is easy, everything is normal. Run-of-the-mill, even. Oh – except everyone’s absolutely bollock and nipple naked. Including you. For many, the scenario above is the stuff of brie-before-bed nightmares, a screengrab from an archived 4oD documentary, or a stage-fright coping technique. For me, it was Sunday night, and I’d been invited to join Glasgow Continental’s weekly naturist swimming event – an opportunity for a wee dip, Lycra-free at Arlington Baths. We were sharing a cup of tea (naked) and I was working up the nerve to go swimming (also naked). After all, when in Arlington, do as the Romans did. Or something like that. Attending a naturist event was a terrifying prospect. I’m a total prude when it comes to my own body, and have been since childhood. My grandmother learned this in Beamish when I fell …

Naked and Unashamed?

For years, I’ve erred on the side of modesty. Maybe we need a little nudity after all. I’ve heard Christians say that if we still lived in the Garden of Eden, we would all be walking around naked. The story in Genesis 2 seems to support this idea. It was only after God confronted Adam and Eve about their tragic and rebellious decision to eat the fruit that they realized they were naked. It was only after that choice that they experienced shame. And so God, in a gracious and comforting indication of his ongoing love for them, clothes them even as he sends them out. Without sin, would everyone be naked all the time? Perhaps we should start a Christian nudist colony, in which we all claim our status as the ones who need not feel any shame before God because of the work Christ has done for us. Or perhaps we should look forward to walking around naked in heaven. My kids would certainly be excited about that prospect read more – Source: …

A Look at the Upcoming 2016 Season at Solair Nudist Resort

Solair Nudist Resort 2016 Season: Young Naturists Weekend, New YNA Discount & More Tyler and my wife and I are members of Solair, a family nudist resort located in Woodstock, Connecticut. My wife and I are by definition young naturists, as I am 27 and she is 26. Solair has a slogan of “Come for a visit, stay for a lifetime” and this could not be more true for us. We started coming to Solair in 2013 after only going to a few nude beaches. We immediately realized that this is where we wanted to be for life. The members are so nice and helpful and there is so much to do. Our experience was so wonderful that we purchased a cabin in September of 2013 and have been coming in just about every weekend since. Our goal is to do the same for visitors coming in that the members did for us when we were new. They showed us the ins and outs, and we made friends quickly. I cannot thank our friends enough …

caravan magazine explores the world of naturism

Naturism – a bum deal? “You need to pace yourself with naturism,” Janet explains. “Arriving on site and setting up your van and awning, with all your clothes on, is perfectly acceptable. But, the following morning, the pressure is on – this is when the giggles start.” However, it didn’t take long for our body-conscious contributor to get comfortable, taking the next step in shedding the layers and joining the uncovered crowds. read more -Source: Out and about live