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Clothes free life is ..


Clothes free life is not about boobs, sex or bangin bodies

It is about body freedom & being who you are comfortable in your skin

So if you are following for any of the above do yourself a favor and don’t 


  1. With respect there is nothing wrong with wanting an amazing body either. It requires really hard work. I am totally comfortable in my own skin but there is nothing wrong with self improvement. Nothing at all wrong with wanting a banging body as you call it.


    • Thank you for taking time to comment on the post. The words say clothes free life is not about several things including bangin bodies. It didn’t say there was anything wrong with people who have “amazing”. I hope you will understand that one of the biggest barriers to normalizing clothes free is society’s obsession with “amazing bodies” In our book every body is amazing not just he perfectly chiseled ones. Many people, though that may not include you feel so shamed by this social standard and the comments that people make about those who don’t fit hat standard that they will not consider being clothes free even in their own homes.

      I have seen comments in social media about seeing bodies on a clothing optional beach that should never be naked in public. The perfect bodies are the ones that get posted in most blogs which say they are about naturism or nudism. Many people I have spoken to who are exploring clothes free like are discouraged by that and believe that, because it means they don’t look good enough to be a part of clothes free community. This is true of men and women, straight and LGBTQ.

      The biggest part of this message comes from social media and so called naturist/nudist blogs which serve to only reinforce the message that clothes free is only for “amazing” bodies. They are many more of sites than there are of sites like this one so we don’t even begin to counter that message. But we will continue to promote the benefits of clothes free life for all kinds of people of all races ethnicities etc. with all kinds of bodies, shapes and levels of fitness. Simply put that is what we believe clothes free life is all about. That shouldn’t make you feel in anyway bad about your fitness level or body because it is inclusive of all kinds. If you have an “amazing” (again we believe everyone has an amazing body) and only care to see that or hear information about that, then the sites you have to choose from are myriad. If who care to see and experience a more wholistic inclusive expression of clothes free life then that is the purpose of this site. believes the human body (in all its shapes and sizes ) is poetry.

      EarlD curator and chief editor

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