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naked soul reflection – letting go of comparison and coming back home to you

In this week’s episode of Naked Soul Reflection, we look at the importance of leaving behind comparison and “coming home” to our own bodies and journeys.

Spreaker audio:

I have spent much of my life obsessively comparing myself to other people. What I realized is that by allowing my thoughts to go those places, I was, in effect, walking out on myself, abandoning myself. And fear of abandonment is one of my greatest fears. Yet, there I was, abandoning my body to the point that I completely lost sensation with it (forgot I had one!), in order to go obsess over what other people were doing.

Now I am practicing “coming home” to my body, my breath, my journey. Whenever I realize that my thoughts have gone elsewhere, I return and even see my body and say, “Hey, I’m here. I’m home.” Not only has that grounded me in my journey again, but it has also moved me to do passions that have been on my heart in service of others.

So, I offer these thoughts and questions to you in this episode:

  • Where in your life are you obsessively comparing yourself to someone else?
  • Where have you given up in life, because you think the world does not need you? That you have nothing to offer to another person or to an endeavor?
  • Can you observe that tendency without judgment? (Try!)
  • What is the impact of you spending time comparing yourself to other people?
  • How can you, now, come back home to your authentic journey?
  • What is the impact, both on yourself and your environment / community, of you choosing to return home to your authentic journey?

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