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Kacy Johnson Photo Project: Female

Johnson embarked on the project in 2014, shortly after she moved to Brazil. She knew she wanted to make beautiful photographs of women, while reimagining the visual language of such an image. Fed up with images of women revolving around desirability, perfection and objectification, Johnson opted to highlight the aspects of womanhood she deems beautiful ― emotion, intuition, understanding, and inclusion.

“Photographing the big skin expanse that is my back shows that I can be more than just a pair of legs, some tan marks or a belly,” Arlene, another subject, explained. “I can be all that empty canvas that is my back, I can be the spine that supports me in the face of so much oppression, I can be the bra marks or the pimples and speckles that, like a constellation, silently inhabit my back while the rest of the world ― myself included ― is too busy looking at other pieces of me.”

After beginning the project in Brazil, Johnson is now creating portraits in San Francisco. She hopes to eventually travel to Asia, Europe and Africa, to capture the beauty of women around the world. “I’m interested in understanding how realities of women differ from place to place, the threads that join us together, and how we can support one another,” the artist explained to The Huffington Post. 


“I hope to encourage women to live fully,” Johnson concluded. “To feel complete in their bodies and also in their thoughts and feelings. Take up space in this world because the world needs you. Women are deep, complex and beautiful, and there is a lot to see and a lot to gain when we see the entirety of a woman. If we can resist covering up stretch marks and wrinkles, maybe we can allow women to feel complete and worthy exactly as they are.”

Read full article: Huffington Post

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