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wow: just you

Dear Sister, Before you put on your clothes and step into your roles for the day, take a moment to just be in your own skin. Here, in the sanctuary of your natural self, in the wondrous cave of you, marinate in how amazing it is to just be you. Just you.

Sonia O’Bree shares nude maternity photo shoot to support women

With Instagram flooded with pictures of fit mums and tiny baby bumps each day, it comes as no surprise that women are feeling more pressure than ever to have a ‘flawless’ body. But Sonia O’Bree, from Kempsey, New South Wales, hopes to show women that all body shapes are beautiful and encourage people to ignore the pressure to look a particular way – pregnant or not. To prove her point, the 32-year-old shared a number of photos of herself at 34 weeks from a nude maternity shoot she had with Michelle Hamze Photography. ‘I hope my photos will encourage more women to feel positive and beautiful in their mummy curves… even if they are not mummy curves, find comfort and beauty within yourselves,’ she continued. ‘We are, each of us different from the rest. Each of us unique and beautiful. This life is so short, and oh so precious, embrace all that you are, slim or curvy, tall or short. Read full story: Daily Mail UK

wow: do you hear what I hear?

For the past few months, several of the pieces I’ve done for Women on Wednesdays looked at how women from Mexico and Peru; Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia; Cameroon; and other parts of North Africa and the Middle East have been using nudity for political protests. Recently I came across yet another piece “Undress for redress: The rise of naked protests in Africa” written by Nangayi Guyson (yes, go read it) discussing some history of nude protests conducted by women in Africa, notably Uganda and Kenya in that piece. One key excerpt: “Naked protests in Africa have historically been symbolic forms of collective protest, generally by the poorest and most marginalised women in society,” says Aili Mari Tripp, Professor of Political Science and Gender & Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “Women have used these forms of protest throughout history and in many parts of the world, but especially in Africa.” For many women around the world, the naked body is not just about being seen. There is, of course, value in some movements that focus on being seen. Such movements tend to illustrate that there …

wow: going out there

So…I’ve stopped following nudists on Twitter. Well, not altogether, but for about a month or so now, I’ve stopped following / following back profiles that identify as nudist unless their history of tweets speaks to 1) their own fascinating experiences or 2) educational issues and perspectives. Why?

mothers bare postpartum selves and stories

Seeing your naked, postpartum body for the first time can be a real come-to-Jesus moment. I know it was for me. Staring at my fleshy tummy in the brutally unforgiving lights of the hospital bathroom, I remember thinking, “I can’t wait to look like I used to.” Before pregnancy. Before birth. It’s easy to get caught up in these types of musings, given how as new moms, we are inundated with images of seemingly perfect celebrities who practically sprint out of the labor and delivery ward in skintight spandex. That’s why photographer Liliana Taboas of Divine Mothering wants women to see different images of new moms, and how they really look postpartum. But the photographs featured in her new book, “I Will Always Be Your Mother,” are about more than showcasing women’s bodies after baby as a way to suggest it’s okay to look like a real person after birth. No, according to Liliana, it’s about time we shifted our focus from how a woman’s body looks postpartum, to what it just did! “I want …

naked goddess swim in portland, oregon

Naked Goddess Swim returning to downtown Portland Last year the Naked Goddess Swim came to downtown Portland, encouraging “mere mortal women” to “shed their suits and inhibitions to swim as Goddesses in the full moonlight.” The nude, women-only swim will return to town on Saturday, August 20 on the east bank of the Willamette River near the Hawthorne Bridge, expected to attract about 120 participants. Like the World Naked Bike Ride, one question lingers among those unfamiliar with the swim: Why do these women do it? “This isn’t about showing everybody else our body, this is about accepting and affirming our own body.” When the Naked Goddess Swim first started, it was a fundraiser for Friends of Clackamette Cove, a group that encouraged swimming in the Oregon City cove. Now that it’s moved to Portland, and the cove is being developed, the objective is evolving. “Now it’s switched its goal more in alignment with Human Access Project, which is to get people to get into the river and enjoy the river,” Malloy said. I’m pleased …

“more than pics” in other contexts

Today’s Wednesday post looks at thoughts shared on a podcast episode regarding the importance of experience vs. pictures for the transgender community. I recently listened to the podcast Another Round, Episode 14 “Multitudity” with guest Tiq Milan during which Milan spoke to a number of issues facing the transgender community in terms of advocacy, advertising and strategy. One thing Milan noted is the importance of experience over pictures when it comes to supporting the trans community: Host: I know you talk a lot about the narrative of trans people, but also the visuals of these cable packages, where the B role is a lot of the body, like the focus, especially for trans people is, “We need images of bodies,” stuff, and that’s the primary focus. Do you consult in any way about not just the narratives but also the visuals? Milan: All the time, all the time. Host: What do you see often and like what are you trying telling them not to do Milan: A lot of times, I’ll go into a place, like a magazine or a TV studio, and …