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Sanya sunbather strips nude in violation of ban, claiming health benefits

person who defies clothes free ban at China beach arrested Sanya sunbather strips nude in violation of ban, claiming health benefits After Sun was released, he told reporters he violated the rules because he had needed to sunbathe as therapy for multiple diseases – including depression, cardiovascular disease and hyperthyroidism. His doctor had advised him to go to somewhere sunny and warm to avoid the long and dark winter in Harbin, Sun claimed. read more

Men, Manliness, and Being Naked Around Other Men

interesting read on male gymnophobia Men, Manliness, and Being Naked Around Other Men But certain aspects of the tradition of naked competition still existed when I was a young man growing up in Chicago in the early 1960’s. One of my worst experiences was being forced to swim in the nude in high school. This was a common practice in Chicago and other large city schools until the 1970’s. You had a choice: either swim in the nude for four years of high school or take ROTC to get a waiver. Envision 30 young boys at various stages of puberty, with a wide variety of body shapes, lining up so the coach, in his well-fitted swimsuit, could take attendance. There was my dramatically overweight friend with his eyes staring straight at the ground and my other friend, a “late bloomer,” just waiting for the inevitable insults about his manhood. There was also the constant anxiety that a pubescent erection could appear at any time. You could only hope that you were already in the pool …

Alexander Skarsgård Poses Fully Nude After Reaching the South Pole in Antarctica

true old star not uncomfortable with being clothes free Alexander Skarsgård Poses Fully Nude After Reaching the South Pole in Antarctica According to Skarsgård, nudity has never been a big deal in his family. “My dad and his side of the family are old hippies. I was 14 the first time I saw my dad wearing pants,” he said on Conan in June 2013. “He was always naked.” read more

Men bare down there

Men Are Going Bare. Down There While I’ve been hibernating in holy matrimony, it turns out that an increasing number of men — from pubescent teens to been-around-the-block bachelors — are going utterly hairless in their private regions. And thereby giving a whole new meaning to male-pattern baldness. I first heard about the fad from a single girlfriend of mine. “I haven’t seen a male pube in a long time,” she said. Nothing weird or unmanly about it IMHO just personal preference