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naked soul reflection: pause

In this week’s Naked Soul Reflection, we look at the importance of pausing. Link on Spreaker: This past week, I found myself having to pause in my life. I took a few days off from work and spent time doing nothing so that I could heal mentally and emotionally. There were many events over the past 8 years that I hadn’t allowed myself to acknowledge or fully process. That all came to a head this week, and the stress forced me to take time being still. Although I’m still practicing pause and non-doing, one thing I can say is that pause is helping me release some emotions I didn’t even know where there deep down. Some questions as you practice pause this week: Where in your life could pause serve you? Are you trying to fill the space with something? In what ways can you take time to be still this week? What happens when you take time to pause? What do you notice?  

naked soul reflection – honoring flow in life

In this episode of Naked Soul Reflections we look at how to honor flow in life. Link to audio on Spreaker: Flow shows up in all areas of life. Whether it’s moving intentional in a pose – mindfully setting it up, abiding in it responsibly, and exiting it with grace – or engaging a conversation with someone mindfully – connecting with the person, navigating the conversation moment to moment, and leave the conversation gracefully – flow is everywhere in our lives. This is a critical practice for me everywhere in life right now. I have navigated some challenging conversations in the past couple of years, even recently, and thinking about these interactions as flow helped me to start them mindfully, move through them intentionally with breath, and close the conversation without burning bridges or destroying house. Not always. I have tumbled, too, being human and all. But this idea that flow is everywhere in life is very present for me right now. This week, what aspects of your life can you look at and approach with …

Clothes free by design

#clothesfree by design — clothesfreelife (@Liveclothesfree) July 13, 2016 View this post on Instagram The #clothesfree body is our original design everything else is additive live the #clothesfreelife you were designed for aka us questions if you want to know how #clothesfreeliving A post shared by Clothes Free Life (@clothesfreelife) on Jul 13, 2016 at 9:24am PDT

naked soul reflection: doing / non doing

In this week’s Naked Soul Reflection, we look at the balance of doing and non-doing. Spreaker link: This past week brought the question of balancing doing and non-doing to the forefront for me. It was a question with which I had been wrestling for quite some time, actually. Years. But, in the past week, it surface quite strongly not only as I reviewed the news, but also as I considered my family members and dealt with friends and colleagues at the office. I even engaged the question around eating. When should I be in action and when should I be still? Some questions to consider for the week: What issues in your life bring up the question of whether or not to act? Can you take a step back for a few moments and be still to observe your thoughts? Are you wondering if you should act, because you feel like you “should” say or do something, or do you have a clear call in your heart to say/do something specific? These questions could apply …