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Florida Nude Recreation Guide – review

cover image courtesy By Elmschrat (Own work) via wiki media At the outset the book states “Florida is become a mecca” for the nudist/naturist lifestyle. Recent chats with nudists on online nudie communities bear out the premise for the Florida Nude Recreation Guide. Author Thomas Berns provides a valuable resource for anyone visiting the sunshine state and looking for clothes free naturist/nudist experiences. Berns starts by laying out the many options for nudist experiences in the state. He follows by giving a brief overview of the benefits of naturism and review of some misconceptions about nudism. A short set of frequently asked questions about nudism completes this introductory part of the book. The main portion of the book consists of the previously mentioned options for nude experiences. Beaches, resorts, cruises, camping, hotels and even clothing optional bars and festivals are covered. Each section gives a bit of background information on the nude activity such as cost or tips on how to prepare. 

naked truth memoir with attitude

Memoir is the naked truth Ms Hannam, 66, shared such anecdotes in her memoir Nude With Attitude which she launched at the Millennium Art Gallery in Blenheim on Friday evening. The idea for the book had been brewing since she attended an inspiring writing weekend about 10 years ago, and its completion was an exciting achievement for her, she said. She had long enjoyed writing articles about her trips overseas, and press releases for her business or in her various roles with naturist movements, including a four- year term as national president of the New Zealand Naturist Federation. Read more

Co-ed Naked Philosophy – Nudie Book Club Guest Blog

I wrote Co-ed Naked Philosophy because I love to write,and because I love social nudism. That may seem obvious, but loving what you’re doing is essential if you’re going to dedicate large chunks of time over ten years to a writing project on nudity. I definitely wrote the novel with a naturist readership in mind, and I was grateful to have some feedback along the way from naturists. But I also had the novel critiqued in a general fiction-writing workshop, and I hope that the novel can serve to educate and entertain non-naturists as well as naturists. The splashy episodes that punctuate the first part of Co-ed Naked Philosophy come straight from the headlines and tend to be nude-negative: a concerned citizen asking to cover up a replica of the David statue in someone’s lawn; a cop detaining women drivers and forcing them to strip; a woman who threw her menstrual pad at a cop who was harassing her; young women and men working as strippers to pay tuition. These were all news items in the mainstream press around the time I was beginning to write the novel, and they troubled me, they convinced me of the importance of writing affirmative alternatives to the fear, …