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Serenity I like to be clothes free my partner not so much

Q */ What do you do if your partner isn’t into nudism? How do you compromise? — @anna4anybody (Twitter)  A */ I don’t force it. Leaving my partner to come around in their own time is crucial. I won’t sacrifice my routine or my day to day nudism habits to make anyone more comfortable, or enforce rules at home. But in most cases I’ve found my partners become more open to the idea of joining me because I’m comfortable and don’t make a big deal out of it.  Compromises tend to be a series of trial and error. It’s key to take small steps at home, like sleeping naked, cooking, watching tv – and not surprise them with a trip to a naturist resort for vacation.  Having discussions before I make a step into dating someone, I address all my concerns. So there aren’t any surprises about my lifestyle. */Serenity

Why I sleep naked

This has been a weird subject for me. I mean isn’t everyone more comfortable going to bed not being strangled by their rumpled clothes as they turn at night? Apart from the warmth thing, that I gather from a partner or warm sheets why not strip down and be free. I once dated a guy (Richard) who couldn’t grasp the idea of no clothes in the bed. He either wore boxers or long pants, but explained it as being a comfort thing for his “package”. When I finally broke down some of his barriers, challenging him to try for a week to be naked the real reasons flooded through. His insecurity of not being erect, or excited presented a fear that if he were naked he had to look a certain way. I was shocked really at first, but learned that male insecurities run as deep as they do for women. Society teaches men that six packs are what every woman desires and not in the healthy way but in the objectified way. This thinking …