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Better Bush for Testicular Cancer Awareness Gallery

The aim of the project is to get men thinking about testicular cancer; using pubic hair (or the lack thereof) plus a pun as the the “attention grabber” for the hashtag campaign came about for two reasons: 1.) in a twitter exchange between a minor celebrity and myself regarding the “Sock on a Cock”/”Cock in a Sock” campaign I was told a better bush than my own would be required to sell the message of testicular cancer awareness, and 2.) showing someone’s scrotum in a close-up like that would certainly be NSFW in most places and lacking in taste in a lot of people’s eyes.

Some of my Experiences Hosting a Clothesfree DVD Night

I’ve made it a ritual to travel the 90 kilometres to a spa/resort in Germany’s Hochsauerland for their “lange Saunanacht” [long sauna night] on the first Saturday of every month, but I wasn’t able to the last two times because I was ill in February and a friend of mine invited me to a party on 1 March to celebrate his birthday. On 2 March I ended up going to a spa in the next town with two friends to “detox” from the night before and to make up for “lost clothesfree resort time”. While we were sitting in a whirlpool between sauna sessions the topic of doing another clothesfree DVD/BluRay night came up; we’d had a few over the past few years, but it had been a while since the last one. As the other two had hosted the last two DVD nights and one of them had had us all over for a “nude Wii tournament” in November [I placed third, for those keeping score], I offered to host the DVD get-together at …

Harbin Hot Springs

Harbin Hot Springs Review Review of Harbin Hot Springs in Northern California The grounds overall are beautiful and very nature-oriented. Next to the temple is a large garden, a bit sparse at this time of year, but still had some vegetation. At this point it had warmed up a bit, and I took a moment to enjoy the sunshine. I was dressed because clothes are required for yoga and because it wasn’t that warm. I’m not sure why they don’t offer naked yoga at a place like this. Clothes are required for most of the indoor areas, but technically everywhere else is clothing-optional. However they seem to want to discourage nudity beyond the pool area. On their website they state that Harbin is “not a nudist organization,” and that nudity is just the norm around the pools and sundecks. For winter, nudity is definitely confined to the pool area, but I can’t speak for the warmer seasons. And people seem to like the option because I don’t recall seeing any swimsuits. read more

To block! Or not to block! That is the question!

Yes, it’s me again, Barbeint aka @IbanSaram. As a result of having  contracted laryngitis that has started creeping its way southwards and developing into the beginning stages of bronchitis, my GP was nice enough to give me the nastiest flavoured, chalky meds available to mankind to help my body fight off the germy invaders, but also, more importantly, he told me to stay in bed for 36 hours and “conserve energy”. Rather than just sit here and stare at the ceiling, I’ve decided to take this opportunity to slug out a new blog for this site. But this blog isn’t about my health. Admittedly, I am not the world’s greatest or most followed tweeter – nor do I aspire to be, but slowly but surely I’m beginning to build up a throng of dedicated followers who are, on the whole, very much like me: interested in either humour, naturism, barefooting, photography, good conversation, or intellectual endeavour. This blog, however, is not about them. No, this blog is about the other sort of people I’ve started …

To RT or not to RT -what we reveal online when clothes free

My name’s Björ C. and I tweet pretty much daily under the pseudonym @IbanSaram. Like most naturist tweeple, my feed is made up of pictures from my own life, pictures and quotes I find on the internet that I think will either be informative or entertaining, and RTs (or retweets) of things the people I follow myself have posted on their feeds. I like to keep things light-hearted, but every once and a while things get a tad more serious. This past weekend (21 and 22 December 2013) was one such occasion when things got more serious. It all started when I noticed during the previous weeks that some of the people I follow often post pictures of themselves, but they crop the pictures at the shoulders, i.e. the images may include their entire bodies from the toes up, but they end at the bases of their necks. Some of the images are rather good and the captions on some of them are indeed inspiring, but the more of those headless pictures I came across, …