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naked soul reflections – seeing the other door

New episode of Naked Soul Reflections – “Seeing the Other Door”

Link to audio on Spreaker:

I found myself standing approaching the front entrance to my building, which has a set of double doors. A long stream of people was coming out of the left door. However, the person in front of me, instead of opening the door on the right to enter, stood waiting for the stream on the left to end.

How often do we, in our lives, stand waiting for the drama/busyness on the left to end before taking action, when there might have been a door on the right that we could have opened all along?

In this episode I touch on how clothes free life and clothes free camping have helped me see alternate doors in other areas of my life.

This week I invite you to think  on three things:

  1. What is one thing/area in your life where you feel stuck?
  2. Is there another door?
  3. What can you draw on from your clothes free life that could help you see other doors of opportunity?

Bare your thoughts

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