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naked soul reflection – textures of truth

In this episode of Naked Soul Reflection, I share some reflections that arose for me as I walked about barefoot on Sunday.

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Walking around barefoot reminded me of just how textured the world is. Usually, when I walk around in my shoes with a separation between me and the world, all I ever feel are is the texture of the shoe. I forget that ground, earth, floors change in character, temperature, texture, etc. Taking off my shoes reconnected me to a more honest reality. The real world is diverse in character.

This also tied into a change in attitude I experienced about my body and my health. I thought my body was just this blob that, well, “This is just the way it is. Nothing I do is making a difference.” I thought it unresponsive, until I realized that I needed to change my perspective and approach. Once I did, my body began to shift and respond positively to the different foods I gave it, the increase in sleep, and the other adjustments I made depending on any given day.

This week, I invite you to look at something or someone in your life where you usually think, “Well, this is just the way it is. It’s always like this.” It might be a pet, a person, your car, your body, your boss, the weather, a plant, anything. Choose one thing that sticks out to you where you’ve basically had the same attitude, expectations or opinion of it, and see if there is a way for you to “take your shoes off” with regard to it and experience a wider variety of textures with regard to the situation. Does that invite any shifts for you? What do you learn?

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