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gawking stalking photographer punches top freedom protester in NYC

Topless Parade’ participant gets punched in throat by leering man

The attack unfolded at the corner of 47th Street and Second Avenue, after the near-nude woman spat in the man’s face following an inappropriate comment, witnesses said.

When the man, clad in a checkered red shirt, tailed and eventually confronted her, the woman spat in his face again, according to bystanders. He then clocked the exposed co-ed in the throat and shoved her before police closed in on the duo.

Both were cuffed and led away from the rally, where only about 50 women and men bared their breasts to expose the lack of “equal topless rights for all.”

The lack of support did not go unnoticed by those who opted to doff their tops — many taking part in the rally noted the crowds were mostly made of up gawking men and creeps with cameras.

read more – Source: New York Post

curator’s note The newspaper’s coverage is equally detaining in the way the parade participants are described.


  1. It will be interesting to see how this works out. The woman clearly assaulted the man twice with no more provocation than the fact he was being annoying. That’s illegal, and his response could be seen as self-defense.

    Odds are that they’ll both be hit with disorderly conduct fines rather than criminal assault. Either way, this is NOT naturism though it will be lumped in with all those other ‘weird’ things naked people do, including nudism/naturism. More bad PR.

    This kind of response to simple nudity is why, no matter what the law says, most women will never shed their clothes in public. Expose as much as possible to create sexual attraction, yes. But simple nudity for comfort is too hard for the general public to comprehend.


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