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naked soul reflection: shifting habits that no longer serve you

In this episode of Naked Soul Reflection we look at the process of shifting habits that no longer serve us.

Link to Spreaker audio:

During a time when I was utterly frustrated with myself regarding my eating habits and body issues, one of my teachers responded to my tears and anger of “Why am I not changing, why am I not doing something different?” with this:

You do something until you don’t. 

This statement conveys the perfect mix of both personal responsibility to continue with effort as well as with the unknown about when change will finally land and what exactly that shift will look like.

Questions to reflect on this week + steps to practice:

  1. What is one area / thing in your life where you keep thinking to yourself, “Ugh, I always do this or act this way. When am I ever going to change?”
  2. Can you, in peace, turn your inner gaze to that issue?
  3. Observe your patterns: “When this happens in my life, I respond by doing that.” For me it was “When I get stressed out or nervous, I respond by eating a giant bag of salted sunflower seeds in shell.”
  4. As you turn your intention to this issue, notice the little ways in which you begin to make changes over time.

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