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naked soul reflection – what can you put down?

In this week’s Naked Soul Reflection we consider what things in our lives we can put down in order to create more ease along our journey.

Link to audio on Spreaker:

I recently realized that I do not have to carry around a 40-50lb backpack full of items throughout the day. Instead, I can use a hand cart that I have, and I can also leave things behind that no longer serve me. Although this suggestion is something several family members offered to me ages ago, only now does it sink. Perhaps I was trying to prove something to myself by insisting on carrying around that heavy backpack. But this weekend, I chose to take that weight off my back and use the cart. I found ease.

Questions for consideration:

  1. What is one thing in your life that you have insisted on carrying, despite it causing you discomfort, pain, or other negativity?
  2. Can you put that thing down?
  3. How do you feel whenever you do manager to surrender to ease?

In this episode, I quote two poems written by Hafiz. The book referenced is The Gift: Poems by Hafiz the Great Sufi Master translated by Daniel Ladinsky

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