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dynamic africa “reclaiming dreams deferred”

Excerpt from introduction

Under colonialism, few things belonged to us, not even our bodies. Under the prism of white supremacy, black bodies are simultaneously hypervisible and invisible. Perceptions based in prejudice often render us agentless in the ways society interacts with black bodies. For centuries, despite nudity in its various forms being a prominent and accepted part of daily life and culture for many Africans, enslavement, colonial rule, influences from Islam and Christianity, and patriarchal systems violently upheld systems and social standards that constrained the agency and autonomy of black people through clothing and nudity. Civilizing missions sought to enlighten so-called savages, ironically employing savage methods to do so.

Excerpt from interview

How the idea come about for the video, and what inspired you to create it?

The experience of an African in Africa. The desire to express myself in my language without saying a single word. It was inspired by my desire to experience ultimate freedom in my life time. I had grown tired of constantly apologizing for my blackness, my femininity and my Ndebele-ness because apparently Ndebele women aren’t that beautiful and you can’t be traditional/rural in the city. You can’t be yourself in the city.

From start to finish, this story is almost entirely your own, save for the lyrics provided by singer Thandi Ntuli. What would you say is, or how would you describe what you label as, your “true self”?

Fearless. My true self is not afraid, ashamed or ever feels like hiding. I am confident, unapologetic and offensive about who I am. I own my body and my image.

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  1. Pennpete says

    Such dignity. It’s great to see a proud heritage reclaimed after being shamed for so long.


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