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wow: just you

Dear Sister,

Before you put on your clothes and step into your roles for the day, take a moment to just be in your own skin. Here, in the sanctuary of your natural self, in the wondrous cave of you, marinate in how amazing it is to just be you.

Just you.

Before pantyhose, socks, leggings, bras, pants, dresses, skirts, (onesies!), underwear, active wear, outerwear, before any wear, you are you.

Just you.

down dogBefore you are sister, lover, wife, daughter, cousin, leader, entrepreneur, doctor, friend, family, resource…before you are any of those things in the context of others, you are simply you.

Just you.

So, as you are, in your skin, feel the majesty of what it’s like to just be: standing on your own feet, or taking your own seat, or lying in governance of your own space. Whatever your stance, wherever you find yourself, here, before labels, before requests, before the needs of the world, you are you.

Just you.

You are mighty, healthy, fascinating, wonderful, crazy, wild, maybe un-plain, insane or uneasy to explain. You are any kind of anything you choose to be. No list of ingredients could ever capture the totality of your complex majesty, because before words, before colors, before layers, before numbers, you are simply you.

Just you.

So you must, first and foremost, give yourself to you. Before you run out into the world, be in your own skin, in your own breath. Touch your body, listen to the melodious sound of your breath, look yourself in the eye and remember who you are.

Just you.

There is a reason why, on airplanes, the instruction for when oxygen masks fall from the ceiling is for you to put your mask on first before assisting your child or loved one. How can you give and give and give if you have not equipped yourself?


Trees’ roots need nourishing through the soil before they can rise and bear fruit for creatures to consume.

There is a wellspring of vitality and peace in the simplicity of your natural self. Here, in your skin, and beyond into the depths of your heart, is a place that is sacred unto you. It is a place that no philosophy or doctrine can control, a place where you reign supreme. It is a place that no one can take and no one can touch. There is a you within you that is only unto you.

Just you.

No one will ever love you, appreciate you, support you, care for you or know you in the way that you must for yourself. You, first and foremost, must accept, adore, worship, love, embrace, support, enrich, fortify and raise yourself.

Just you.

So when you wake up in the morning, be with yourself. I’ve stood naked in a closet and breathed my most powerful breaths before giving myself to the world. Go in and be with yourself in your most limitless expression. Set your own terms. Remember who you are. Know that you can. So that when things fall apart – the inevitable mistakes, things gone wrong, lost and loss – when things fall apart, you remember the inner ground upon which you stand radiant and resolute.

Just you.

Remember that beyond love, beyond pain, beyond suffering, there is you.

Just you.

You must, my sister, at all costs, celebrate the You that cannot be named, labeled, quantified, qualified, measured or otherwise determined.

It is a you that is just you.


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