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naked soul reflection – honoring flow in life

In this episode of Naked Soul Reflections we look at how to honor flow in life.

Link to audio on Spreaker:

Flow shows up in all areas of life. Whether it’s moving intentional in a pose – mindfully setting it up, abiding in it responsibly, and exiting it with grace – or engaging a conversation with someone mindfully – connecting with the person, navigating the conversation moment to moment, and leave the conversation gracefully – flow is everywhere in our lives.

This is a critical practice for me everywhere in life right now. I have navigated some challenging conversations in the past couple of years, even recently, and thinking about these interactions as flow helped me to start them mindfully, move through them intentionally with breath, and close the conversation without burning bridges or destroying house. Not always. I have tumbled, too, being human and all. But this idea that flow is everywhere in life is very present for me right now.

This week, what aspects of your life can you look at and approach with the concept of flow:

  • How you cook a meal
  • How you converse with folks
  • How you engage a business deal
  • How you create a work of art

How can you breathe through an activity or an issue this week? How can you apply the idea of flow, the idea of moving through it mindfully from start to finish?

Bare your thoughts

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