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naked soul reflection – cultivating self governance

In this episode we look at developing self-governance in various aspects of our lives.

Link to episode on Spreaker:

Are there places in your life where you are waiting for someone to tell you what to do?

“Intuition comes from a steady place within, beyond thought and beyond emotion.” – Meditation Oasis podcast episode Accessing Intuition Guided Meditation

Have you always been doing the same thing out of habit or convention without considering whether it is actually healthy for you?

Can you pick one area in your life where you feel imbalance for you to bring into your laboratory to begin experimenting with new things?


  • Have you been eating or drinking something that gives you heartburn all of the time, doing it “just because?” Could you make a change to something else that feels good to you?
  • Is there a particular project or job that is causing you stress? Can you look at that work and figure out an approach that is more balanced for you, and can you take action rather than waiting for someone to give you permission, to tell you what to do, or for your body to deteriorate in response to it?


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