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Fremont solstice parade 

Naked Fremont Solstice Paraders brave brisk start to summer

Thousands of Solstice celebrators were out on the streets of downtown Fremont on June 18, giving a good showing of enthusiasm for the start of summer.

The parade started at 3 p.m. at Third and Leary Way and parade openers, 1500 Solstice Cyclers, didn’t feign from showing their summer skin under a vibrant mosaic of body paint despite the temperature hanging at 65 degrees and a brisk smattering of rain. With the procession, the air heated up and the rain cleared leaving paint relatively unsmeared.

Bicycles carried bodies displaying dreamscapes of weirdness from depictions of cosmic archetypes to marvel action heroes. Freakers, geeks, moralists, families, pagans, believers and thousands of other people and un-earthlings (including Short and Tall Grays) thronged 36th Street North and jeered, whistled and cheered on the creatures of Funky Fremont as the painted ones rode the main street of the Center of the Universe in celebration of summer.

read more- Source: Ballard Tribune News

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