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Does social nudism/naturism need rebranding 

Does social nudism/naturism need rebranding?

This week’s question comes from a conversation on Twitter about the focus of the two major naturist/nudist organizations. One individual tweeted “social nudism” is alive a well and practiced worldwide though it is less promoted in U.S. Which raises the question what is social nudism? Is it a label a description an activity. Does it provide an appealing means of engaging people for growth? Or does naturism/nudism need rebranding for a new era and more diverse demographic?
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  1. As a second thought – does nudity in society need addressing? as naturists we are comfortable with who we are – but are those around us as comfortable with who we are? Nudity is the natural form but society enforces the need to wear clothes – is this why there are people claiming to be nudist/naturist when the category they fall under is exhibitionist? currently there is a very healthy non-aggressive protest to “Free the Nipple” which I support completely but how long must we wait before the world learns to accept the full body in its true and natural state?


    • True but how we address society is as important as addressing society. Don’t think we are doing very good job of effectively addressing.


  2. Got to admit it sounds a good idea. The phrases “nudism” and “naturism” sound old fashioned and very twee. Harking back to early/middle 20th century. Sometimes I wonder if we just shouldn’t let it be. Why is there a need to get all evangelistic about it? I like being naked outdoors. If there are others there like that then fine. If not, doesn’t matter. I agree that numbers help keep beaches and sites open so it is important from that perspective but otherwise not bothered.


  3. This goes back to the topic a while back dealing with nudism in general needing rebranding. People can’t try social nudism if they aren’t informed of what nudism really is. And that’s just from the male perspective; women have a myriad of other issues that affect them trying nudism and definitely affect them being willing to be SOCIAL and nudists.

    The branding needs work for sure.

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