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talk up Tuesday weekly question may 17 2016 is naturism/nudism just an excuse for exhibitionism 

Recently a UK newspaper’s online coverage of of World Naked Gardening Day featured a headline suggesting participants were exhibitionists. A couple of people we previously followed on social media have “come out” exhibitionists.

Our talk up Tuesday question this week Is naturism/nudism just an excuse for exhibitionism?

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  1. Another definition of exhibitionism
    “Exhibitionism, which involves exposing one’s genitals or sexual organs to a stranger, falls under the psychiatric sexual disorders category of paraphilias, “abnormal or unnatural attraction” or obsession with unusual sexual practices or with sexual activity involving non-consenting or inappropriate partners.”


  2. Being exhibitionist is not inherently sexual .. just like nudism/naturism is not. I see exhibitionism as the desire to be accepted, to be out and open about our hidden, inner selves. The expression that is “seen by others” is the step towards asking for that acceptance, and the risk we take to be affirmed.

    Just think of all the outlandish artists over time.. the way they push the boundaries of presentation is absolutely exhibitionist – from Lady Gaga to Madonna, to Liberace to ….


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