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Beauty and what to make of it

What is beauty? Dear reader of ClothesFreeLife, I ask you: what is beauty? The world is full of it. People are obsessed with it.

beautyIs this lady a beauty? Some people will say yes. Some won’t agree. Oh, certainly she is very pleasing to the eye, but I wonder how she looks if all the make up is removed.

When her hair hangs down in a normal way.

When all the photoshop additions have been removed.

Every body is beautiful.

Many naturists and nudists proclaim this. Every body is beautiful. Is it? Why?
beauty2Let’s think about this. There are all kinds of people. All kinds of body shapes. Big, small, wide, narrow, round, black, white, red, yellow, and many of those can be combined in a person’s physical appearance.

That’s like nature. Trees, flowers, birds, animals, they all come in many shapes and colours as well. Of course the jury is still debating about the colours of polar bears, but that aside.

Everyone is beautiful.

This is more my idea about people. Not every body is beautiful to everyone’s eye. 500 people have 500 ideas about physical beauty, but the magic of people who are used to being naked among each other is that they look deeper than the skin someone is born in.


If you feel confident enough to bare yourself before everyone, that says something about you. You transcend the idea of having to be beautiful according to ‘the world standard’. Only super models look like super models. The rest of us are real people and there is nothing wrong with being one of the real people. People who think alike concerning clothing and being naked, who can be among each other without a lot of trouble, that is what the world needs. There’s enough trouble already.

Once you’ve made that step, there is something beautiful inside you that is higher and more precious than all the collective, artificial beauty of super models and Adobe Photohop specialists.


Yes. That is the name of the beauty I referred to. Accepting others as they are, with all their physical traits and defects, that’s the key. Is your body perfect according to ‘the world standard’? Trust me, if it is then someone in their ivory tower will come up with a scheme to make you feel inferior again, demanding that you spend another fortune on trying to achieve the new beauty.

beauty4Don’t go for that. Be someone who is strong enough to be him- or herself despite what life threw at them.

Scars? They are there. They could have meant death but they didn’t. They indicate a survivor, a strong person. Wrinkles? They tell their own tale.

Most nudists and naturists I know have such markings, such markings of life, and they carry them without giving them another thought. Naturists know that their real beauty, their value, is inside them. And often it takes another naked person to see that, because naked people look at people in a different way.

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