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my journey to nakedness

The Surprising Reason I’m Always Mostly Naked

This exploration of how little I can get away with wearing in public was fucking liberating.

As I removed layers of fabric, I also removed the burden I had been carrying around for over a decade: the burden of controlling how other people experience my body. I was removing myself entirely from the responsibility to control how people receive me, and I felt wildly free.

People made fun of me, sure. One night I was out with my best friends and they were laughing about my shorts, which didn’t even pretend to cover the bottom of my butt cheeks. I realized in that moment how far I had come, how little I cared, and what a big deal that was.

I felt completely safe to be myself, and that meant all of me. No hiding.

And that’s when I realized the deeper significance of my journey to nakedness.

I have several instances of sexual assault in my history, and I went through an experience at 19 involving an emotionally abusive partner.

Wearing clothes had been, without even realizing it, a layer of protection between myself and a world that felt unsafe.

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