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wow: “if the internet was silent” poem by moniqua

Editor’s Note: As part of today’s Women on Wednesdays, I share with you a poem written by contributor Moniqua around her online experiences. I appreciated this piece so much, because it echoes sentiments I, too, had when I first stepped into clothes free life and the online space, and it remains the inspiration around how I continue to tweak my online interactions. – hontouniheart

“If the Internet was Silent” by Moniqua

No ring of a DM,
No beep of a snap,
No tweet of a twitter,
I like it like that.

No words of perverse,
From the tapping of a key.
No words of degradation,
For a picture was made to see.

The pic I post
Is of my own accordance.
Not a gesture for dick pics,
That’s just sick and abhorrent.

My body is beautiful
in every which way.
If you can’t handle your erection,
Then have nothing to say.

I’m not an object,
But a woman of grace.
So all the dirty comments,
Will surely be erased.

I am clothes free
Not for your pleasure or cock.
So keep my notifications silent,
For you can always be blocked.

If the Internet was silent
I could be free to post.
But in a world of technology,
I think I just won’t.


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