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Nudism. Not just for being naked.

Isn’t this coincidental? I just saw this quote on

“I still think that nudism . . . is itself a kind of therapy” •

Abraham Maslow

A few days ago I was contacted on Twitter by someone new to that part of the Internet. This man (I shan’t mention his name because I still respect privacy) told me that he’d suffered from severe depressions.

nitroglycerinHe turned to therapy and tablets and none of that helped him any further. That didn’t surprise me very much. Usually tablets and pills are things that suppress symptoms, they don’t solve anything. It’s like a mechanic’s advice to put cotton in your ears so you don’t hear that strange rattle in the engine of your car.

Therapy can help in some cases, but not everyone is the same case. As was the case with this man.

naturistHe kept looking for ways to deal with his situation and somehow found out about naturism. He started being naked around the house. A few hours at first, then days. To his astounding (and truth be told to mine as well) he started doing better.

I am still not certain what exactly helped him get out of his depression by becoming a nudist but it’s amazing that something simple and cost effective as simply removing your clothes can have such a benefit.

We all know more benefits of course: freedom of the ties of clothing, the feeling of liberation, no tan lines, and lots of vitamins from the sun by exposing our skin to it.

Still, hearing from this man about how living the clothes free life had saved him from going crazy was something amazing enough for me to share with you.

What other benefits have you noticed from becoming a nudist (or naturist)? I’m convinced there are many more ways in which people have become more alive, more healthy than these I listed…


  1. There are many benefits.

    I have heard someone share that it saved them from taking their life.

    In my own word, it has been a huge help in the following ways:
    – Depression
    – Imbalanced / disordered eating
    – Imagined body image vs. true body
    – Deeper listening to the nuanced shifts and changes in my daily body, which helps me more appropriately manage things like epilepsy
    – Healthier lady bits (the Ms. downstairs has to breathe, otherwise bad news, so I haven’t had bad news in a long time)
    – Feeling more “grounded” and in touch with what’s going on inside of me
    – Sharper thinking: when I am able to work clothes free at the office, the things I produce are of a higher quality

    There’s more, but I’ll leave it at that for the moment. There could be many scientific reasons to which I couldn’t really speak with certainty and the proper vocabulary. I will say that just being in my own skin does avail the largest organ of the body to taking in air and resources in the environment. Of course I connect mine with practicing yoga clothes free as well, which means both the yoga and the clothes freedom are helping me in massive ways.

    My clothes free life is very much a physiological and psychological need, perhaps more than some.

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    • When I work from home I’m usually nude too. It’s all temperature dependent (yay bath robes). Working unhindered like that allows me to do more and better as well. It’s amazing how distracting and annoying clothes are once you’re used to be out of them.

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  2. sassycoupleok says

    The overall experience and benefits are going to be different for everyone. The one constant we believe in, is everyone who chooses to be nude whether at home or in social settings, they are in a word happier in their everyday life.

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