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Kim Kardashian vs Aboriginal Culture: Only One Of These Images Has Been Banned By Facebook – New Matilda

A speech published in New Matilda which argues that Aboriginal women are shamed for their nudity, while the nudity of non-Aboriginal women is celebrated, has been banned by Facebook because it included an image of two topless women from Central Australia ‘painted up’ and performing an ancient Aboriginal ceremony. In addition, the accounts of multiple […]



  1. Bare Beach Bum says

    Our society is so confused about nudity because they intertwine it with sex and modesty. Many of us realize that nudity has nothing to do with either but our society projected through the media perpetuates this misinformation. To make matters worse pseudo-celebrities further confuse the issue by injecting sex and audaciousness into the mix which the media picks up for ratings. In the mean-time, those that practice nudity as normal and natural, get banned from social media and other sites. The only way to combat this hypocrisy is to stay vigilant and protest it when it happens while further educating the public.

    I’m posting this comment here because the originating site would allow comments.

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