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Tom Hardy does the full Monty in new movie

Tom Hardy Is Filming a Period Adventure Drama in the Nude

We are not quite sure about that one—although it does appear that Hardy’s character, James Keziah Delaney, is in a rowboat and transferring something in a heavy canvas sack. Deadline previously informed us that the character is depicted as he ”returns from Africa with 14 ill-gotten diamonds to seek vengeance after the death of his father.” So maybe the bag contains diamonds and a dog-eared copy of Hamlet? And, well, we still can’t explain the nudity but are sure that there is a reason for it. Like maybe James has deep-seated clothing-related superstitions? Or maybe, Tom and Chips Hardy, savvy TV creators they are, simply knew what their audience likely wanted—Tom Hardy in a rowboat—and decided to give them just that. Either way, we will not know how the Hardy nude rowboat scene fits into the series until the show airs, sometime this year.

Source : Vanity Fair – Hollywood


  1. sassycoupleok says

    We have since seen some blocked out pics and a video of this scene from this to be released program. It would appear that as you mentioned the nudity is very much in context with the struggles and toughness of the character portrayed. Also we have seen where there was full frontal male nudity in the recent War & Peace program where that nudity was also very much in context with the story. We feel the entertainment industry has long missed many opportunities to use non sexual nudity as it really occurs in everyday life in their programs which would add more realism to them. It’s unfortunate that the only time we normally see nudity used, is for sexual situations where there is either female nudity and sometimes male nudity used before, during and after sex scenes. Also the showing of the male penis has been more or less one of the last taboos in the entertainment industry because it usually brings about harsh ratings or is left on the cutting room floor. The inclusion of full frontal male nudity may help bring about more contextual nudity.


  2. sassycoupleok says

    If the nudity befits the story, why not, other wise it’s just gratuitous and just becomes a lure for more audience.


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