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How to love your body the Danish way shameless and naked

How to love your body the Danish way (hint: you’ll need to get naked first

The Danes have even officially been dubbed the most shameless nation in the world, based on research by the University of Zurich. And, after two years of living here, I’ve finally been inspired to learn to love my body the Scandinavian way.

Danish body confidence begins in January. In Denmark nobody bothers to deprive themselves in the cold dark of winter. Last year, my ‘dry January’ met with baffled looks from my Danish friends as they helped themselves to the pastries their country is famous for.

Fretting about the way they look or obsessing over staying in shape isn’t something my slender Scandi friends indulge in because, fittingly for residents of the happiest nation in the world, most of them feel fine just the way they are.

Source: The Telegraph—————————the-danish-way-h/

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