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Russsian edition of Yoga Journal Magazines highlights clothes free yoga

Nude Yoga: The beauty of the human body in the asanas

At number 63, we decided to show the beauty of the human body in yoga asanas. Even in the winter photo editor Zhuravleva Inna had the idea to make a nude shoot with Russian-yogis under the heading “Energy”. As it turned out, our favorite photographer Andrey Vasilyev also long dreamed of such a project. So we started to shoot.

At first we did not think to place on the cover photo of a naked girl. But after the shooting looked at photos of Alena Tikhonova and understand before we finished the cover – choose any!

In difficult asanas, we posed great yoga – Dasha Dima and Slava. A fabulous woman Zap came to us to shoot with her husband John, who we also involved in the project. The result is a great guy and a photo.

See the pictorial Source : Yoga Journal Russia

Curator’s note – Original article in Russian. I wonder if the US version of Yoga Journal would ever feature clothes free yoga like this.

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