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Sydney Nude Charity Swim back for 2016

Nude Harbour Swim To Return To Sydney In 2016

The Sydney Skinny is about five things,” Marsh told The Huffington Post Australia. “I could talk for hours about each of them, but essentially they are joy, courage, acceptance, attitude, and charity.

“You’ll notice one of the words I haven’t said is nudity. I know I’ve set up a nude event that isn’t about nudity, and so I understand how people immediately leap to the wrong conclusion, but it is the wrong conclusion.

“You are clothed on the land, then straight away covered by the water, and you get a sarong as soon as you get out.

“I’ve had people say to me, ‘oh yes, my cousin does nude hiking,’ and that is the exact opposite to what this is.

“There is an element of risk and obviously it’s different to every other swim because it’s a nude one but it really isn’t about nudity.”

Held at Cobbler’s Beach at Middle Head in NSW, attendance to the unique event has increased by 40 percent each year since it launched in 2013.

Source :HuffPost

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