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Life changing clothes free moment shared at Corning NY Tedx

Curators note: Resort and camp owners should take note that is was an interest that had nothing to do with being clothes free (hand drumming) that got the speaker to a clothing optional camp.


  1. Kathy OConnor says

    Michelle, like you, I had body image hang-ups, social issues, depression, & child abuse issues which were severely limiting my happiness & my very life.
    I was raped at the age of 7 & from that moment on, my sane life ended. I spent over 30 yrs being in & out of therapy & mental hospitals & on medicines but never really getting through the real issue of the rape. I did have a friend who was a half nudist but I could not understand her at all. I was very modest & would never u dress in front of someone. Well, one day, I saw an ad in a newspaper about a nudist place near my home. I had always been curious but never openly so. I cut the ad out of the paper & carried it around with me for over 10 years until, out of the blue, one day in August of 1991, I thought today is the day I will go there. I called & was given directions on where the place was. It was a weekend – I thought I would be less noticible if I went when there might be more people. I got to the parking lot & I saw an older couple walking down the hill – the man was totally nude & his wife had on a thin blouse which was open & when I saw them, I lost any shyness & bad body image feelings I was having. At this point in time I weighed over 250 lbs. I left my clothes in the car & walked into the pool area & the sunshine & in that day, I was reborn. I had a place to go where nobody looked at me with disgust or told me I was unacceptable. I had found my place. I thought that seeing nude men would be upsetting but instead, it was healing. I saw the penis, not as something to hurt but just as another body part. I was healed that day.
    When I went to my AA meeting the following week, I spoke about my healing at the camp & I did stun everybody there cause I rarely spoke & certainly no one expected what I had to say.
    I, to this day, 25 years later, continue to enjoy my place in the sun.

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    • What a beautiful and heart warming story, Kathy! Most people (myself included at one time) can’t understand how bareing all of youself in a crowd of others can possibly be healing, but it is! When there are no clothes, there is nothing left to hide behind, all the walls and masks are gone, and its easier to simply be human. Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience. Much love to you.


  2. Michelle says

    Thanks so much for posting my talk!! I’ve been extremely overwhelmed with such beautiful comments and stories from others on their journey.

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  3. Michelle, I am so proud of you and this is one of the most beautiful testimonials for Nude recreation I have ever heard. I have been a nudist/naturist since I was 30 something. I am now 72 years young. I tell everyone that I “grew up” during the time that I lived at Paradise Lakes in Lutz, Florida. Today I have my own private little clothing optional retreat. I counsel women and men who have so much body shame and guilt by meeting with them au naturel. All of the things you have said and your experience is so beautifully stated , that I hope you don’t mind if I share your words with the women I coach.
    Much love to you on your path and in your life. You are truly an amazing being.


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    • EveLynn, I would be honored. Thank you for taking time out of your day to post your words to me. It’s truly an honor knowing I’ve touched so many by sharing my story.


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