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A call for the creation of a clothes free creatives guild

This year I have read, view or watched tremendous works of artistry created by people who life the clothes free life. In the process I have observed the emergence of high quality literature, art, movies.This is something not seen in the clothes free community for quite a while. It is the opinion of this writer that if the clothes free life is to be normalized there needs to be more high quality expression of the clothes free life to counter to conventional wisdom.

However, many of our great artists and most creative clothes free people have a difficult time getting their work  completed and published for a larger audience. Here are a couple examples of how a clothes free creatives guild might benefit existing artists and creatives.

Nick Alimonos has the workings of a fantastic fantasy adventure which has a clothes free hero and heroine in Ages of Aenya. However his last Kickstarter was not fully funded. The video below gives a glimpse of the potential.  Artists from a guild could help to bring his characters to life and support of the guild could help bring the novel to a broader audience.

Imagine what positive impact there could be if this was make into a a high quality cartoon movie or series

Another example come from the efforts of JP Riley to finish Act Supernatually the sequel to Act Naturally. Act Naturally could arguably be described as the best movie depicting clothes life in decades. Still a recent Kickstarter to fund the sequel ended without being fully funded.


JP Riley has persisted in his efforts to complete the sequel despite having personally endured a series of physical injured which has required several surgeries. Still with the help of Conci Nelson through their Letter Blue film company they continue to move towards completing this high quality film.  A clothes free creative guild could act as a clearing house for actors and other technical folks who support the production of movies promoting clothes free life.


imageOne final example comes from the work of author PZ Walker. His most recent book Mirror Earth is a really well written piece of science fiction which powerfully explores themes of clothes free living through the genre. The sci-fi aspect of the book is so well done that this writer believes it should be made into a movie. While Walker has been able to bring several of his book to the public, a guild of clothes free creatives could provide a network of resources that help spread their good work to other media. Think about the way clothes free life could be normalized if people saw high quality adaptations of clothes free themed novel in familiar and favorite genres of movies.

All of the creative people mentioned above are bona fide naturist people living the clothes free life. I suspect there are many others who are not on our radar screen. Individuals whose creative efforts if supported could go a long way towards normalizing the clothes free life. If these yet unpublished unknown clothes free creatives saw the opportunity to share their work of the highest quality and be supported and reach a larger audience it could be a game changer. would be happy to help create a home base on the web for a guild of clothes free creatives.  But there is much more that needs to be done if the guild is ever to become reality. If you are a clothes free creative who would like to participate is this kind of guild added a comment to this post. If you are a someone who would support the work of clothes free creatives add your comment below. If you think this is a bone headed idea, add your comment below.


  1. This is a great idea. Maybe it would also be a good idea to have an award ceremony too! Count me in for sure. I’m also working on my first full length naturist fiction book and a film and book project. This idea will be great as a showcase platform for the artists and also for the promotion of naturism. I wonder if any affiliates would be interested like British Naturism, He Naturist magazine, They could also do a feature now and again. AC


    • Anthony the web site for it is already in the works at Spaces for writers , artists, graphic designers and more to create connect and collaborate. If you are willing to share your input for the design shoot a DM on Twitter.


  2. Interesting idea. Unfortunately although I participate in clothes free events and activities and much of my photography features the nude ( I don’t think I would qualify as I otherwise lead a fairly ‘normal’ textile life….
    But for some this would probably fill a void.


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  4. Love all that you’ve shown here, but you’ve completely overlooked the writings of Jacob M. Drake. So far there are two offerings in the Chronicles of a Bare Naked Nudist series with more to come. These are novels that portray the nudist lifestyle through the creation of a complete nudist city in northern Arizona. Although this clothes free community has started off small and mostly for retired citizens, it will be growing as the series continues.


    • Jacob thanks for the comment clearly we don’t know of every clothes free themed author out there. But we do want to support them. If you would like to send a copy of your book for review contact us using the contact form


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  6. Craig says

    I’m a lighting tech for Stills & Motion pictures. I live on the coast in central FL & work the Orlando & mostly the Miami market. I’m “in the loop” so ta speak.
    Hit me up with ideas.
    I’ll light it up………. C

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  7. A very good idea, the guild. As a writer and photographer, I consider my work in the same way, works of art that celebrate and, at the same time, examine the clothes free life. – Skyclad Robert

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    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Robert your work counts as some of the highest quality that promotes the clothes free life that needs to get to as broad an audience as possible.


  8. I think this has the potential to be a good idea. Something that will help tremendously is if all parties involved are extremely specific about what they need, as well as what they can offer (both in skill sets and in time). Clothes or no clothes, I tend to frown on the modern idea of “crowd sourcing,” as it has become shorthand for free labor. All parties being up front about what they bring, and/or need, as well as a willingness to give as well as receive, will certainly help.

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  9. Bill Dougherty says

    I’m with you, would hurt to try. Read a quote today that fits this trial.” An amateur built the ark professionals built the titanic” don’t know unless we try


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