Month: November 2015

Naked Run 8: 2nd 5k Naked Run

Originally posted on Naked Running:
5k Naked Run Naturist Foundation, Orpington, Kent September 2015 So much had happened since my last naked 5k race four months earlier (starting this blog, for one!), I had no idea how I would react to being back at the Naturist Foundation 5k Naked Run. Not only had I started publishing this blog, but I had spent most of my spare time developing and exploring my new naked running hobby, with seven additional distinctive runs catalogued. It was also the first time I was returning to a previous naked running location with the benefit of experience and hindsight. I was no longer a naked running novice. In fact, there were enthusiastic blog supporters who were keen to meet me at the event. It was all a bit unusual. My dream came true. Britain experienced a rare, intense Indian Summer the week of this 5k naked run: it was 20c the day before the race, with bright blue skies punctuated with a few fluffy clouds. On the morning of the run, however, it…