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Felicity Jones: Nudist Club Photography Policies: Is It Time To Change?

Felicity Jones of Young Naturists America on balancing privacy, respect and consent at clothes free venues with regard to photography policies.


“…I think it’s time we start to move beyond the overly-cautious, paranoid approach of the 20th century and allow nudism to be more easily documented in the digital age. We can emphasize privacy, respect and consent while still letting people have fun and without turning nudism into a secret, hidden activity.”

Read her full post here:

Side note from hontouniheart:

Reflecting on my own experience, I was most certainly concerned by the possibility of people taking photos of me, or being caught in photos without my consent. Last year was a lot of firsts for me during year 1 of my clothes free life, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect or whom to trust. I didn’t even really trust the approved photographers who were there to document the event.

However, I will say, that because those were my first experiences, I really wanted to document them for myself, for my own records and stories. They were such positive experiences that meant a lot to me for so many reasons, and to not have the option to document myself was frustrating, especially since there were approved photographers going around snapping photos of the events (of course only where people consented). I understand the distinction and the concerns. Similar to Felicity and possibly others, I don’t want to end up on someone else’s blog that might fall into another category of topics. At the same time, me not being allowed to take a picture of myself with no one else in it was disheartening. I wanted those memories of my first experiences for myself as well as for the people with whom I choose to discuss my clothes free life (e.g. my mom, who gets excited every time I have a new clothes free experience about which to share; a few friends). 


  1. sassycoupleok says

    It’s easy to understand why many resorts are over protective of members who don’t want their pics taken. Many nudist still have body issues and don’t want their images shared or showing up on a porn site. We have however have found it to be quit satisfying to have a photo history of our activities. They are good memories that are fun to relive. Just have to be careful about who’s in the pic or ask their permission if it’s ok to include them as back ground or what ever. Plus it’s always nice to share a few on occasion with like minded friends.


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