Month: October 2015

Naked Music – John Harding

It’s that time of the year again when I start planning for National Novel Writing Month. The challenge is to write 50,000 words (the minimum amount for a work to be considered a novel) inside one month; entrants are permitted to plan their novel beforehand, but cannot commit pen to paper, or finger to keypad, before November 1st. I’ve completed the challenge every year since 2011, and although I haven’t always published my finished work, it’s been an enjoyable ride to write. Three years ago, I wrote The Bare Necessities; it was the story of two naturists forming a band with a non-naturist, who is reluctantly converted. I developed numerous characters, many of whom I adored. Paige, the fiery naturist and lead singer, was particularly enjoyable to write but all of the characters from a crazy alcoholic to a failing agent, brought a smile to my face. So much so, that I had completed the whole 70,000 novel by day thirteen, and went and wrote another 50,000 novel by the end of that month too. …

How to start a clothes free yoga class

Isis Offers Tips On How To Start A Naked Yoga Class You don’t have to build your class from the ground up. Chances are, there are communities that already exist that are waiting for you to start a naked yoga class. The words themselves “Naked” and “Yoga” describe two different communities that are your primary potential participants. Let’s start with the “naked” community first. This group of individuals defines themselves as enjoying clothes-free recreation and the au naturel lifestyle. Naturist communities tend to be a pretty sociable group. They like gathering together for various reasons, the main one being they enjoy being naked with others in a social context. The naturist community around you will be your most supportive ally in starting up a naked yoga class. A brief search on the internet will reveal much. There are landed clubs listed with AANR and non-landed, informal groups, also known as “travel clubs” that visit nude beaches or rent swimming pools for nude swim-nights. All of these groups will be thrilled you’re offering a naked yoga …

Clothes free meditation can be therapeutic

Naked Meditation: How to Completely Accept Your Naked Self Our naked self is an important part of who we are. Nudity is a natural state, but it’s often seen as something vulnerable and personal. Many cultures teach us that nudity is something to hide and to be ashamed of. This makes us create a prison surrounding who we really are. It’s also the main reason why so many people are disconnected to their physical bodies and sexual nature. Back in 1967, there was a small, underground movement in psychology that was called “nude psychotherapy.” The central concept was that by becoming more comfortable with our own nudity, we also become more comfortable with ourselves. read full article

Clothes free readers book club chat

   Books books and more books As more authors engage naturist & nudist themes #clothesfreereaders have more literary options relevant to clothes free living  Join us for the next #clothesfreereaders #bookchat on Twitter  SUNDAY OCTOBER 25 NOON EDT  With Paul Z author of the Naked Crow Series